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Arthrella is a unique herbal composition that has been used by many holistic health care practitioners in order to tackle arthritis in several ways. The supplement is said to act in many different ways such as;

  1. Arthrella helps reducing the inflammation of the affected joint.
  2. Arthrella helps restoring the disturbance in anatomical structure of the joint.
  3. Arthrella has natural herbal extracts as its ingredients those are well known natural analgesics that help reducing the pain.
  4. Arthrella helps in easing the joint movement and helps in relieving stiffness.

Packaging:1 pack (90 tablets+ 30gm oinment)

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One tablet three times a day. (Once the active phase subsides, the patient to be maintained on one tablet twice a day.)


The ointment can be applied gently on affected parts / joints three times a day to reduce pain and swelling. The supplement should be continued for at least three to four weeks to see the effect of the patients.

Arthritis is one of the most common rheumatologic disorders in this world and everybody is now aware of this medical term! According to estimation about 40mn Americans and 80% of persons older than 75 yr suffer from this troublesome condition of arthritis and many of them are in all time searches for arthritis pain relief. Although symptoms of arthritis develop much earlier in women, the preponderance of arthritis among men and women is almost equal.

The diagnosis of arthritic condition is largely based on clinical evidences since X-ray findings may not always go with patient’s complaints. Arthritis is generally referred to osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis; though both of these conditions are same, the herbs that work for osteoarthritis generally work also for rheumatoid arthritis and that is why the herbal product that is specially designed to treat either of them is labeled as anti-arthritic product or simply, product for arthritis supplement.

The epoch of medical technology and the propensity to consider the human body as a physicochemical collection of various bodily parts gives rise to a new genre of biological adventure! This apparently new view or a thought is stemmed in the concept that anyone as a whole person with physical, spiritual and mental aspects is inseparably commixed in one living individual. When any disease occurs, it is all about the physical and mental imbalance.

Arthritis, according to Ayurveda is the condition wherein there is an imbalance of Vata dosha, the dosha (humor) that controls the musculo-skeletal movements and also the nervous system. The main features of arthritis include pain in the joints. However, there are various degrees of arthritic condition and the symptoms are generally depends upon what degree a person is suffering from arthritis.

Simple arthritic condition may limit to just pains and aches in the affected areas (generally joints that include the bones and surrounding structures) but in advanced arthritic condition, the joint may become extremely stiff and the person cannot move the joint freely. There is a restriction in the rotation and overall movement of the joint. There could be swelling and in most advanced cases, even arthritis can de-shape the joint and ultimately destroy it.

The most common symptom of arthritis, as we saw, is a joint pain (medically known as arthralgia). To start with, arthralgia might be slow and the patient might experience trouble to climb the stairs. It might be intermittent, suddenly disappearing after intake of analgesic drugs or oftentimes do not require supplement, it goes just by taking rest. One might experience paresthesia and warmness in the joints. Upon the clinical examination, arthritis produces a cracking sound when joints are forcefully moved as a part of local examination. Numbers of anti-arthritic products are available on the market, Arthrella being the one.

Arthritis patients can safely use this herbal preparation since Arthrella has been used by hundreds of thousands of people across the world. The active ingredients present in Arthrella have been used in traditional medicinal system as arthritis supplement. Regular usage of Arthrella not only gives relief to manifested symptoms of arthritis but it can also enables the body to fight against various factors that are known to raise the condition of arthritis and other musculo-skeletal problems.

Arthrella has a large safety margin and even if taken for a longer duration as stated by scientists and its manufacturer. Being the herbal supplement, Arthrella does not contain any ingredients those are known to produce any ill or side effects. Use of Arthrella has not reported any harmful or hazardous health ailments and complications.

There are many people around the world who take Arthrella as a preventive measurement to keep arthritic condition at bay. Simply put, taking such herbal supplement in a specific dose can prevent the occurrence of the arthritis and can improve overall joint health. In patients, the active ingredients used in Arthrella are said to supplement the disease and enhance the body's immunity in an effective way that help repelling future recurrence of arthritic conditions. Since most the herbal extracts used in Arthrella have very minimal adverse effects even with a long-term use, there is no particular timeframe or course of supplement for arthritic condition with such supplement.

Arthritis could be also due to overweight. That is because all the excess pounds can put pressure on the joints and joints can start giving up their work. Arthrella works wonderfully if combined with some natural anti-obesity drugs and proper exercises that help soothing the joint.

However, one has to take precautions while being on Arthrella course. According to Ayurveda, the conditions of arthritis go bad to worse when affected joints are exposed to extreme cold weather and therefore, one has to cover joints while going in cool atmosphere.  Moreover, avoiding junk food, canned food, packed food and food with preservatives is important to supplement arthritis. Also, spicy and oily food is to be kept away. Proper posture of walking, sitting and bending is required to assist arthritis healing.


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