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Introduction and Definition

Libido is the word, used very frequently in the matter of sexual health products or sexual health problems. Now what is libido? What importance does it have? Why it is so important? All of these questions are raised in one’s mind. Here is the brief discussion about the libido and its related material.

Libido, in simple wordings, is nothing but the sexual desire. There are many technical definitions like what we can find in the work of Carl Jung; “A libido is free creative or psychic energy an individual has to put toward personal development or individuation.”

Loss of libido – the progress

Apart from the physiological act, libido also depends on your mood or mental health. Healthy man has stable mind and physique to perform various sexual plays satisfying women in every aspect they want them to be in. Loss of libido is becoming one of the major problems in the present world.

Lack of libido may not be as common occurrence for men as compare for women. A survey says it occurs about 15%-16% of men and almost double in the figure for females. Opposite to that, when men suffer from loss of libido, they are more scared than women. They think that their masculinity is directly proportionate with their sexuality and hence, loss of libido will be most threatening condition.

Loss of libido never comes up suddenly with all its features. This is a gradual process and hence, it is quite difficult to identify the forthcoming disaster. Someone describes this as lack of interest in sex for several months of the past year! One has to keep in mind that, frequency of sexual activities is not the best tool to measure sexual interest.

Know your stage of libido

There are so many circumstances to be encountered. Disliking the opposite partner, being the most common cause is to be evaluated first. You can judge yourself if you have sex less often than the norm – say about once a week, you might ask yourself that whether you are happy with your partner’s performance or you need something else.

There are lot many signs to identify your libido level. Researchers agree that it is best to deal with these issues before they turn to by symptoms. Here are some of the identification points which can warn one going towards loss of libido.

1) You have started thinking that sex is mechanical and is routine.

2) Sex is not giving you the feeling of connection and sharing.

3) Touching and play start only in the bedroom and nowhere else.

4) You have stopped looking forward to enjoy in various positions.

5) One of you seems to be initiator and other, being pressured or compromiser.

6) You have had sex once or twice a month at the most.

7) You have now stopped thinking and dreaming about sexual activities with your partner.

8) No fantasies at all.

If majority of these questions have just appeared from your mind, you are probably at the loss of libido stage number one. This is the time to go back before it becomes late and irreversible.

Evaluate your loss of libido

Yes, you need to evaluate other problems also. For instance, erectile dysfunction may land up with loss of libido in men. This is not to be too much worried about. With certain drugs like some of the vasodilators that enhances the blood circulation in penis may give good results in overcoming the erectile dysfunction and so the loss of libido. Premature ejaculation may contribute to loss of libido as the climax comes earlier than expected.

Other factors that impact on the loss of libido include medications like SSRI can inhibit the desire of sex. Tranquilizers and blood pressure medications also put an effect on sexual desire. Cocaine, heroin, tobacco and excessive alcohol abuse also interfere with the libido in men.

Some physiological disorders like thyroid disorders, tumors, pituitary gland malfunctioning are well known factors to cause loss of libido. The paradox of modern relationships reveals something like greater intimacy shall not make better sex. Sometimes too much intimacy or closeness stifles the sexual desire. Separateness may be a precondition for connection. When an intimacy collapses into fusion, it is too much closeness and not the lack of closeness that blocks up the desire of sex.  

Get your libido back

The treatments include various herbal and libido enhancer products. Generally the root cause is been treated for instance, if the erectile dysfunction is the main cause for libido loss, it is to be corrected first. There are some herbs like Ginseng, Ashwagandha, Indian gooseberry, Spirulina etc promote libido in men. Along with the internal medications, external therapies like penis massage, erotic massage, aromatherapy etc are also said to have beneficiary effects on the loss of libido.

Latest researches reveal that some Yoga postures and meditation techniques play important role in bringing back the libido in men in performed in a particular way on regular basis. Another important thing to be kept in mind is the relationship between a sufferer and his partner. Anger, disappointment, stress and debates with the partner may also end up in loss of interest in sexual activities. One has to keep mind calm and happy in the life especially with his partner.

Positive interpretation and proper mental counseling improves the condition of loss of libido in men. This treatment is extremely useful if done by his partner. Proper environment along with suitable conditions like fragrance in the bedroom etc. play major role in overcoming the feeling of loss of libido in men.

2Much Gold to Enhance Libido in Males

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