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Enlargement of Male Organ


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7. Male Impotence Treatment 8. Erectile Dysfunction Guide

Penis enlargement procedures are also referred as ‘male enhancement procedures’ in the world of media and advertisement. These techniques alleged to make the human male organ larger in size or in simple word, long male organ. The male organ that is more than 2.5 standard deviations below the norm is termed as ‘micromale organ’. This condition is detected in early childhood. However, there are fair chances of getting the male organ larger for that boy in later age of his life, but big or long male organ has its own importance in sexuality among men.

Larger male organ, however myth, is considered to be more satisfying tool for women. Man with shorter male organ often feels shy getting his clothes off in light in front of his partner. The male organ enlargement tools and methods have great market climbing millions of dollars a year. Methods such as stretching, application of different oils, various devices that are used to make the male organ enlarge and plenty of medications proclaimed to enhance the male libido and male organ enlargement boom the sexual market since years.

There are many methods that make the male organ longer and larger. Surgery is one of them but less preferred by males since they got other safer techniques without getting cut on their private organ. However, no scientific evidence support nonsurgical techniques enlarging the male organ but though, people’s verdict support the theory a lot making it reliable even without authentic documentations.

The cosmetic method is something that works on the idea that rather than attempt to change the actual size of the male organ, one can make the appearance of the male organ bigger by just trimming the pubic hair or by losing the weight. Losing weight is very effective treatment for obese people with shorter male organ.

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2. Herbs to Increase Size of Penis

Another treatment is pills, generally known as ‘penis enlargement pills’. Also, there is ‘male organ enlargement ointment or cream’. These are sold majorly on the Internet. However, again, the products lack of foolproof. Some of the pills are claimed to be having Viagra effects. It enhances the libido in the men and some of the pills are told to be increasing the blood circulation in the male’s private organ i.e. male organ. Many people have claimed as these kind of pills make them sexually aroused and harder erections along with the increasing the size of the male organ

male organ pump is something that is a cylinder fitted over the male organ with a manual or motorized pump to create the suction. As the device creates a vacuum around the male organ, the blood is drawn into the male organ and it helps it to become engorged in the organ. As the vacuum increases, the gap between the inner blood pressure and the pump pressure increases as well and this excessive pressure causes vascular damage and therefore, these pumps are to be used very carefully.

Another method called as Jelqing is a technique intended to enlarge the male organ by increasing the blood pressure in the organ, with the goal of permanently increasing the erect size of the male organ up to maximum extent. This method is also known as ‘milking’ in which, the procedure involves wrapping the thumb and the index finger around the male organ while semi-erect and fast drawing them away from a person’s body to force the blood into the glance male organ. This will encourage the vascularity in the corpus cavemosa and other related tissues, important factors that erect the male organ and keeps it tight. There are tools available for performing Jelqing.

Stretching and hanging are the two methods of many that really can make the male organ large as experienced by people. They are safe and easy to perform as compared to other techniques. The stretching consists of attaching the male organ to stretcher or ‘extender’, a device that is specially made for stretching the organ. The device exerts a constant traction on the male organ that in terms lengthens and widens the organ.

There are some stretching exercises that can be performed solely. The technique includes holding the male organ straight and just stretching it forward, upward and then at both the sides i.e. left and right. The holding of the male organ should be from the glance male organ or the male organ ring. Regularly performing this exercise will loosen the tissues and muscles and will make good blood circulation within it. This will increase the size of the male organ.

The hanging is something that will stretch the male organ using the gravitational force. It is probably the oldest self-treatment method of male organ enhancement or enlargement. The evidence suggests that this was practiced by some African tribes as long as 2000 years back. The weight hanging includes of attaching a device that is rope or a strap that grips the glance or just behind the glance male organ. It allows a weight to be suspended for a specific time.

There are plenty of manufacturers offering various massage oil termed as ‘male organ massage oils’. These oils are composed of some herbs that work as natural aphrodisiacs applying which, it will enter deep into the male organ’ tissues and will make the blood circulation easy. The herbs will strengthen the muscles and tissues that are responsible for keeping the male organ erect. The special way or the technique is to be followed applying these oils over the male organ. However, due to huge demand of the treatment of the male organ enlargement, many fake companies have entered into the business those are just profit oriented and carrying no medicinal values. It is, therefore, recommended that one should select any male organ enlargement treatment very carefully.

According to some scholars, the size of the male organ is hereditary. This means the son will receive the size of the male organ what his father had. However, the question is quite debatable. It is also told among men that the obese person will have shorter male organ as compared to the taller and thinner ones. Size of the male organ also depends on the geographical area across the world.

Overall, the male organ enlargement is just for an individual’s satisfaction because it is clarified very neatly that the male organ that is more than two inches in erected position is long enough to satisfy any woman during sexual activities.

Orgy Oil to Increase Penis Size

orgy oil

Orgy Oil is premium penis massage oil used by hundreds of thousands of men around the world. It is a powerful combination of potential spices, herbs and natural oils those are known for their natural properties to strengthen the muscles of male organ.

The herbs have been traditionally used by holistic healers for massaging that helps enhancing the erection, size and girth of the male organ naturally. Orgy oil can also be used treating premature ejaculation as it enhances the capacity of the male organ to control the orgasm.

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Shilajit Gold + Orgy Oil

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