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Diabetes Mellitus: Ayurvedic Treatment, Herbal Remedies, Causes and Symptoms

1. Diabetes Information 2. Diabetes Symptoms
3. Types of Diabetes 4. Diabetic Food Pyramid
5. Diabetes Treatment 6. Home Remedies for Diabetes
7. Natural Cures for Diabetes 8. Diabetes Mellitus Ayurvedic Treatment
9. Bitter Melon for Diabetes  


In Ayurveda it is called as “Prameha” which means profuse urination. It is a metabolic disorder reflecting in abnormality of urine. Modern medicine also considers this as metabolic disorder, characterized by hyperglycemia, glycosuria, and disturbance in the insulin mechanism.

Causative factors

Increased Kapha after vitiating ojas, urinary system, and pancreas produces this disease. Vitiated Kapha is responsible for producing low tissue fire, which results in malformation of almost all the tissues in the body. This is therefore basically a metabolic disorder.


Increased appetite, increased urination, and increased thirst are the preliminary symptoms. Other symptoms are due to improper formation of almost all the tissues in the body. This includes debility, various pathological changes in color and smell of the urine, skin disorders, impotency, and heart disorders due to atherosclerosis. If the disease is not properly treated, complications like hypertension, obesity, hypercholesterol, and heart problems develop quickly. Long term diabetes becomes primarily a Vata disorder.

Kapha type Ten different types of urine abnormalities take place. (Please note that for each type, some paralled synonym from modern pathology has been described for understanding its quality. However it does not mean that it is exactly similar to the pathological condition described here. )

  • Udakameha – Large quantity of urine, which is transparent, watery whitich and is cold without smell. Like hydruria.
  • Ikshumeha – urine having sweet taste, and the turbid appearance and like the juice of sugar cane. Like glycosuria.
  • Sandrameha – Urine with high viscosity. Like chyluria.
  • Sandraprasadameha – When urine is kept overnight, it becomes partly viscous and partly clear. Like belluria.
  • Shuklameha – Urine is whitish in color.
  • Shukrameha – Patient passes urine, which is like semen. Like spermaturia.
  • Shitameha – urine is white, sweet, and very cold. Like phosturia.
  • Sikatameha – Vitiated doshas pass through urine like hard gravel substances. Like graveluria.
  • Shanairmeha – Urine is passed very slowly and with difficulty.
  • alalameha – urine is slimy like mucous and is full of threads, like pus in urine. Like pyuria.

Pitta type Six different types have been described:

  • Ksharameha – urine has typical smell, color and looks like that of alkali. Like alkalinuria
  • Kalameha – Large quantity of black colored urine. Like melanuria.
  • Nilameha – The color of urine is blue. Like indigouria.
  • Raktameha – Urine is red colored with smell like that of raw flesh. Like haematuria.
  • Manjishthameha – Urine has smell like raw flesh and its color is red like manjishtha herb. Like haemoglobinuria.
  • Haridrameha – Urine is yellow colored. Like urobilinuria.

Vata type Four types have been described:

  • Vasameha – The appearance of urine is like fat. Like lipuria.
  • Majjameha – The appearance of urine is like nerve tissue. Like myelouria.
  • Hastimeha – Large quantity of urine is passed and urine is watery. Like diabetes insipidus.
  • Madhumeha – Urine of the patient is sweet, slightly turbid and pale in color. Like diabetes mellitus.


Diabetes Mellitus is a very serious disease associated with many complications. If it is of juvenile onset, natural herbs or medicines can give very little help. Similarly, if the function of pancreas is completely destroyed, not much can be done. The aim in such conditions is to adjust the diet and improve the quality of lifr, by giving refuvenating herbs and correcting the water, fat tissue metabolism, so that the complications can be avoided.

In the long run, almost all types of diabetes turn into Vata type or diabetes mellitus. In such a condition, there is wasting of all tissues in the body with low strength, disturbance in ojas, and low immunity. Hence the importance of giving rejuvenating herbs can be understood here. There are many herbs available for treating all these different types like gymnema sylvestrum, careya arborea, pterocarpus marsipium, terminalia chebula, arjuna, berberis aristata, tinospora cordifolia, alstonia scholaris, ennicosterma littorale, curcuma , ficus glomerata, Eugenia jamnolana, aegle marmelos, caeseria esculata, and cassia auriculata.

Shilajatu and guggulu are very useful in this disorder because they can increase tissue fire and help the proper formation of all tissues and boost the function of the pancreas. Either can be used in dose of 1 gm. Twice a day for 3 months.

Western herbs that can be used are comfrey root, solomon’s seal, and ginseng. Similarly Chinese herbs like astragalus, pueraria, rehmania, and lyceum are also effective. Any one of these can be used in dose of 1 to 2 gms. A day for 1 month

Kapha type – Along with anti – kapha diet, shilajatu, and guggulu should be used. Bitter herbs like golden seal, myrrh, sage, gentian, cayenne, turmeric, aloe gel, and other pungent herbs are also useful. Mixture of any two of these can be used in dose of 1 gm. A day for 1 to 2 months. Popular ayurvedic formulas include tab. Chandraprabha 500 mgm, twice a day for 1 month, with tab. Vasant kusumakara 125 mgm, once a day.

Pitta type – anti – Pitta diet should be given with many bitter herbs. If there are symptoms like fever and thirst, use tab. Mauktik kamadugha 125 mgm, twice a day for 15 days or coral oxide 100  mgm, twice a day for 15 days. These can be combined effectively with tab. Mehmudgara (BR) 125 mgm, twice a day for 1 month.

Vata type – in this type there is weight loss, low immunity, low strength associated with many complications. Anti – Vata diet should be given carefully. Care must be taken to see that Kapha does not increase too much. Diet should include proper amounts of white meat, liquefied butter, nuts, and limitedsweet substances. Tab. Suvarna malini vasant (Ay. SS)  125 mgm, once a day with tab. Tarakeshwara rasa (BR) 125 mgm, twice a day is ideal

Chara treatment, massage, and shiro basti help to get rid of mental disturbances and improve nerve function. Ashwagandha, bala, tinospora cordifolia are important refuvenating herbs. These should be given with ghee.

Do,s and Don,ts

Anti – Kapha diet should be given. Restrict heavy, fried, and oily foods. Bitters like fenugreek, curcuma, or bitter gourd should be used in plenty. Honey in small quantities is good.

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