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Hemorrhoids: Ayurvedic Treatment, Herbal Remedies, Causes and Symptoms


Haemorrhoids are varicose veins protruding from the rectal mucous membrane in the rectal canal. In Ayurveda they have been calld “Arsha” meaning the disease of rectum giving pain like nail in the rectum.

Causative factors

Hemorrhoids are caused by low digestive fire, vitiation of  all doshas, especially that of apana vayu, accumulation of waste products and varicosity of veins in the rectum. Constant traveling in sitting posture on hard seat, chronic constipation, and pregnancy are predisposing factors.


Vata type – Piles are very hard, rough and blachish in colour. They are very painful usually accompanied by constipation.

Pitta type – Piles are very soft, reddish in colour, inflamed and bleeding. Thirst, diarrhoea, fever may present.

Kapha type – Piles are whitish, large , soft and slimy with low digestive fire.


Vata-kapha type – First apply some sesame oil or chandan bala lakshadi oil to the external piles if there are any, and then carry out fomentation which is best remedy. Sitting in small tub with warm water, in such a way, that the buttocks are submerged in hot water is ideal. If this is not possible, then local fomentation of rectum relieves pain quickly. Herbs of choice are trikatu, cassia fistula, mimosa pudica, amomorphallus campanulatus, ailanthus excelsa, blumea balsamifera and berberis aristata. For proper digestion give asafetida, fennel, or cumin. Mild laxatives like flaxseed, psyllium should be given with warm milk or ghee at night.

For dry piles the best medicine is semicarpus anacardium. However this must be used in caution, as it may produce allergic reaction.

Tab. Kankayana bati 250 mgm. 3 times a day for 1 month or tab. Suran vatak and tab. Bahushala gur (BR) each should be given 250 mgm. 3 times a day for 3 weeks.

Tab. Arshoghni bati (SYS) or tab. Pranada gutika (BR) – 250 mgm; 3 times a day for 1 month is also a good remedy.

Pitta type – Mesua ferea and holerrhena antidysenterica are the herbs that acts best. These should be given with buttermilk or fresh butter. Western herbs like gentian, dandelion, golden seal, and yellow. Dock having cooling effect and are very effective against Pitta. Mild laxative like rhubarb with amalaki powder or avipattikara powder is indicated. If bleeding is too much use anti styptic or astringent herbs like cattail, bistot, mullein or agrimony in dose of 1 gm. 3 times a day for 7 days.

For bleeding piles give powder of mesua ferrea – nagakeshara, in dose of 500 mgm; 3 times a day for 15 days.

Kutajavaleha 1 teaspoonful twice a day for 1 month is helpful.


Take ghee with warm milk every night for soothing effect in the large intestine. Plenty of green vegetables, which are bitter and slight astringent in taste, are advised. They with also prevent constipation. Buttermilk with rock sait is indicated. Yam, spinach, ladyfinger are beneficial.

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