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Paralysis of one side of the body is known as hemiplegia. In Ayurveda it is called Pakshavadha. Paksha is, hand, foot, or one side of the body. Vadha is complete loss of function. It is classified under vatavyadhi. The term ardita denotes facial paralysis.

Causative factors

It is Vata disorder involving the central nervous system and the muscular system. It can be due to cerebral tumer, embolism, or hemorrhage. Other diseases of the brain and head trauma can produce hemiplegia, in which there may be paralysis on one side of the body with or without aphasia. Prana and Vyana types of Vata are vitiated in this disorder.

Treatment of Hemiplegia

This is a chronic disease, most of the time the patient is above 50. In case of complete paralysis of all the extremities, for first few days or weeks the patient is ttally bedridden. In this case, all the necessary nursing care must be takn. A waterbed should be provided to avoid bed sores. Daily passive exercises must be given to avoid disuse atrophy of the extremities. In such condition, the patient is bound to become depressed. Those attending him should keep him engaged in reading or watching television.

Nasya- the main site of prana is the brain. Hence nasya or nasal instillation ofghee or cooling herbs juice is indicated.

Oil massage and sudation- Daily massage to the paralyzed limbs and whole body sudation is indicated. Massage with oil.

Abhyanga- improves the circulation in the muscles and also helps improve the muscular tone. For sudation herbs like vitex negndo, basil, camphor should be used. For massae, use simple sesame oil, almond oil, or narayan oil, bala oil or dhanvantari oil.

Medicated enema- the main site of Vata is large intestine or colon, hence to control Vata vitiation, this is the treatment of choice. It is advisable to give alternate cleansing enema and oil enema. For cleansing type of enema use, decoction of ten roots, dashamoola, and its paste with little oil, ghee, honey and rock salt. For medicated oil enema, use simple sesame oil 60 to 70 cc. or use medicated oil lke narayan or bala oil. A simple glycerin syringe can be used for giving this oil enema.

Shiro basti- The main site of Prana Vata is the brain. It controls all sensory and motor centers in the bran. Topacify prana, this treatment is useful. Fit a leather cap to the head of the patient, which is open at both ends. Seal the side fixed on the hed with dough (prepared by soaking wheat flour in water) so that the warm oil poured from above does not leak from the leather cap. Ask the patient to sit comfortably on chair, and then por warm narayan oil or dhanvantara oil, until the level of oil is four fingers above thehairline. Keep the oil on for 45 minutes. After removing it, give the patient whole body massage and then a bh.

Shirodhara- Shira means head and dhara means continuous drip. In this treatment a continuous drip of either warm oil or milk is poured on patient’s head. First carry out a light oil massage to the whole body of the patient and then ask him to liedown on special table. Then start warm oil drp from vessel kept hanging over his head in such a way that the oil drip, falls on his head. Continue this treatment for 30 minutes. During the treatment oil can be recycled, heate and then put back intothe vessel.

Various herbs having anti-Vata action are prescribed. Ashwagandha, bala, rasna, dshmoola are very effective. These can be given in dose of 1 to 3 gms. A day for 1 month.

Western herbs having a rejuvenating action like ginseng, comfrey root, elecampane, calamus, and gotu cola are also effective.

The best preparations are dashamoola decoction 30 ml. 3 times a day or dashmoolarishta 15 ml. 3 times a day for 1 month with tab. Ashwagandha 250 mgm, 3 times a day for 1 month. Also tab. Trayodashanga guggulu 250 mgm, 3 times a day for 1 month, or tab. Khanjavikari rasa (SYS) 250 mgm, twice a day or vata gajankusha rasa (RSS) 250 mgm, twice a day for 1 month is also ideal.

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