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Obesity: Ayurvedic Treatment, Herbal Remedies, Causes and Symptoms


Obesity is the most common metabolic disorder and is one of the oldest documented diseases. In Ayurveda as early as 1500 BC  Charaka Samhita has described this  disorder under the title “Medoroga” or diseased state of fat metabolism. According to charaka, the great Ayurvedic physician, an individual whose increased adipose and muscle tissue makes his hips, abdomen, and breasts pendulous and whose vitality is much less than his body size is obese.

Causative factors

Simple obesity is due to alimentary factors like overeating heavy, sweet, oily foods. Lack of exercise and hereditary predisposition. It can be due to other disorders of pituitary, thyroid, adrenals, gonads, pancreas, and hypothalamus.

Derangement of agni or digestive power leads to production of ama, which disturbs agni of fatty tissue, and blocks the proper formation of further tissues. Improperlhy formed fatty tissue accumulates in the body causing obesity. Accumulated fat causes disturbance to the movement of Vata , which in turn increases appetite. Patient therefore eats more and the entire food is then converted into improper fat tissue, creating a vicious circle.


Apart from the sighs described above, Charaka has described that such person has reduction of longevity, premature aging, unpleasant odor, excessive sweating, dyspnoea on mild exertion, excessive hunger and thirst, weakness , loss of vitality , loss of sexual power, and mental confusion. If the condition is not properly treated, various complications like hypertension, hypercholesterol, heart disorders, hyperacidity, kidney infection, diabetes, fistula, arthritis, and lipoma are produced.

Kapha type – Persons having kapha constitution, obesity is very common, as their metabolism is very slow. It has been found that to relieve strain or depression these people start eating. These people have the tendency to retain water. Hence the excess weight is mainly due to water retention and not due to accumulation of improper fatty tissue. In these individuals usually the function of the kidney is very weak.

Pitta type – Persons having Pitta constitution usually has excess appetite. However their metabolism is very rapid, hence they have less tendency to develop ovesity than kapha constitution. But if these people do not take care regarding excessive over eating sweets or sugars, then they can develop obesity.

Vata type – obesity in these people is very remarkable. There are fluctuations in gaining weight and losing weight. Many Vata persons eat to provide security against their nervousness or anxiety, which is common in these people.


To increase the tissue fire of fatty tissue, herbs like guggulu, carthamus tinctoris, careya arborea, and shilajatu are used.

Formation of ama is treated by toxin burning herbs like trikatu and catechu. Aggravation of Vata is treated by medicated enemas of cleansing type. Chennel blocking is treated by fat reducing – lekhana – herbs. Which have scraping action to open channels like chitraka and barbery. Externally the same herbs are used for massage with acorus calamus.

Tab. Triphala guggulu 500 mgm 3 to 4 times a day or tab. Gokshuradi guggulu 500 mgm. 3 to 4 times a day, or tab. Punarnavadi guggulu 500 mgm. 3 times a day can be given with tab. Chandraprabha 250 mgm. 3 times a day for 2 to 3 months. Similarly tab. Tapyadi lauha 250 mgm. Or tab. Shilajatwadi lauha 250 mgm. Twice a day can be supplemented with any of the above guggulu preparations.

Regular active exercise every day until there is perspiration on the temple and axial is a must. It can be in the form of cycling, swimming, jogging, running, or outdoor activities.


Avid all fried heavy foods, chocolates, sweets, butter, cheese, paneer, red meat, as well as cold drinks and preserved foods. Light diet is recommended to provide only the necessary energy.

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