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1) Constipation Cure 2) Constipation Relief
3) Constipation Treatment 4) Foods that Relieve Constipation
5) Home Remedies for Constipation 6) Cleansing Agent

Introduction and Definition

Constipation comes under the digestive problems. It is quite common symptoms that everyone faces at least once in his or her life. Though it is not considered as life threatening disease, it indeed troubles a person if left untreated.

The constipation is a condition in which a person finds difficulty to pass the stools. This is because the feces in a constipated person is extremely hard with offensive odor and sometimes even sticky. There can be pain during the elimination of the feces. If the constipation continues in this fashion, there could be more severe problems like intestinal obstruction etc.

Causes of Constipation

There are lot many causes that participate in creating the constipation. Few of them are narrated below.

Fiber intake

People with high fiber diet are less susceptible to get constipation. The most common cause of constipation is the diet with low fiber in it. The diet high in fats like cheese, meat and eggs contain almost nil fiber. Fiber should be taken in abandon quantity. They don’t get digested but they smoothen the stools and speed up the bowel’s movements.

Liquid intake

Research shows that though increased fluid intake may not surely help relieving constipation, but it is for sure that a person with enough liquid intakes is at less risk of having constipation. Here liquid means various fruit juices, water, milk (in some cases milk produces constipation) or any type of fluids. Liquids add fluid to the bowel and bulk to the stools and hence make bowel moments softer and easier. However modified liquids such as coffee, cola drink, caffeine, alcohol etc may interfere with the digestive system and can produce constipation.

No physical activities

A lack of physical activity may also lead to constipation. However, the real cause or the theory for this is unclear. But there are lot many examples like when a person meets an accident and he or she has to stay in bed and can't exercise. Lack of this physical activity turns to the constipation as seen in almost all the cases.


Certain medications are well known for producing constipation as their side effects. These medicines include pain killers (especially narcotics), codeine, antacids (containing aluminum and calcium), blood pressure medications (calcium channel blockers), diuretics, antispasmodics, antiparkinson drugs, anticonvulsants, iron supplements etc.

Change in physical state or routine

During pregnancy women may have constipation due to hormonal changes or because the uterus compresses the intestines. Age factor may give an impact to the digestive system. It may weaken it and produce the constipation. Another common factor is traveling, sitting jobs, and change in diet, water and climate may affect the bowel to pass the stools producing constipation.

Abuse of laxatives

It is generally seen that a constipated person goes to chemist and has the ‘self-medication’ of laxatives, which may come under OTC products. This turns to habit and every time when a person feels constipation, that laxative is taken very liberally.

Over the times, it turns to abuse of laxative and then, the bowel gets resisted to that laxative. Bowels understand that without medications, they will not be able to work. A person with abuse of laxative has to take laxative daily to pass normal stools.


Certain diseases produce constipation as a symptom. Some of the common diseases include chronic idiopathic intestinal pseudo obstruction, spinal cord injuries, hypothyroidism, Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, stroke, diabetes, amyloidosis, lupus, hyperglycemia, diabetes etc.

Constipation Cure


Triphala help in cleanses, constipation and tonify the gastro intestinal tract

. Detoxifies the whole body and improves assimilation and digestion

. Triphala reduces high blood pressure, improves blood circulation and hypertension

. Very Effective in Ulcerative Colitis and Irritable Bowel Syndrome


Trifgol is advised to cleanse the colon on a regular basis to avoid any toxic accumulation in the entire gastro-intestinal tract. It helps reducing the risks of complication and also prevents serious health problems from occurring. In time, these wastages are eliminated and the risks of colon cancer are also ruled out. Starting cleansing the colon as early as possible can save your intestines and so your life too!

Symptoms of constipation

It can be easily determined by the examination of passed stools, hearing bowel sounds and stiffness of abdomen.

In the first stage, there is difficulty in passing the stools. The stools are sticky or hard and difficult to eliminate. When the condition goes further, the exertion on the anus may lead to fissures and hemorrhoids. So there might be bleeding.

The abdomen may become bloated with cramps. There could be dull pain in lower portion of the abdomen near pelvis. The bowel sounds get slower and ‘bombarding’ sound is often missing. In children, the constipation goes so worse that by palpation, one may find stools at the lower abdomen region. These cases are generally treated with suppositories or by injecting the glycerin into the anus.

The frequency of passing the stools may be decreased. That means, a person who used to go for passing the stools two times a day has now started going for once in two days. This could be early signs of getting constipation. One has to understand the warning signal and should start taking care from then onwards.

Prevention and Treatment for constipation

Take fiber diet and leave junk food, packed food and spicy food. This is first and foremost in treating the constipation. A glassful of warm water will also help you to relieve the constipation. Opposite to that, one should restrict taking cola drink, cold drink and even cold water. Dry fruits are also to be avoided as much as possible.

Try to avoid the food that is heavy to digest. This may include cheese, milky products, refined flour items etc. For quick digestion, try to include green leafy vegetables’ salad, juice, oranges, bananas, apples and other watery fruits. In some people combination of glassful of milk with little ghee (butter oil) and sugar, if taken early in the morning and while going to bed, works wonderfully. One should remember that in some people milk produces the constipation and so better to avoid it.

Keep a gap between meals and going to bed. Immediate sleeping after having meals may contribute causing constipation. Do physical exercises regularly. Try to include light diet in your meals. Latest researches reveal that certain Yoga postures are very beneficial in treating constipation. Swimming and cycling is also considered to be one of the best exercises for treating the constipation.

Some of the herbs like senna, isaphgol, kushmanda, kumari, snuhi, shunthi, jeerak, haritaki, bael, shatapushpa, vacha are considered to be good remedies for constipation. One can go for the single herb or can go for the formula having various herbs.

Colon Cleansers Combo Pack

triphala trifgol colon cleanser
Triphala Trifgol
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