St Herb Day Cream

To have beautiful and smooth skin is a dream of every person rather you are a man or a woman, a smooth skin makes you able to attract more and more people towards you. St Herb Day Cream is a product that can provide you really charming and beautiful skin. It also helps to regenerate and replenish the skin. Those who are regularly daily user of the cream are assured of having hydrated skin. It also helps to lift up the sags and diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles even in one week. St Herb Day Cream is a result of a perfect combination of gentle and moisturizing agents that are made with antioxidants to feed the skin.

The product is made up to help the people who are facing the problem of sun damage, premature aging and also environmental aging. St Herb Day Cream is fully loaded with sunscreen effects and also with antioxidants. It also protects the skin from damaging effects of sun. St Herb Day Cream has the ability to make improvements in the appearance of skin. It helps to increase the elasticity of skin. Also, it can repair or protect the skin from the damages that can happen by some environmental causes.

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Ingredients- Pueraria Mirifica, Fragrance Allure, Polyacrylamide, Disodium Edta, C13-14 Isoparaffin, Allantoin, Laureth-7, Mulberry root extract, Cetyl Alcohol, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Extract, Stearyl Alcohol, Tocopheryl Acetate, Cetearly Alcohol, Titanium dioxide, Glyceryl Stearate, Dlazolidinyl urea, PEG-100 Stearate, Propylparaben, Glyceryl stearate se, Methylparaben, PEG-40 Stearate, Isohexadecane, Cyclomethicone, Isohexadecane and Hydrgenated Isobutene.

· St Herb Day Cream helps to revitalize the dehydrated skin and also prevents the skin from flakes and dryness.
· It helps the skin by protecting it from environmental damage.
· It proves an excellent base for makeup.
· St Herb Day Cream improves the uneven tone of skin.
· It promotes a luminous and youthful complexion.
· The cream promotes a smooth and blemish free skin.
· St Herb Day Cream reduces the wrinkles permanently if you are a regular user of this product.
· The cream provides the firmness to the skin and also it can smooth the tone and also texture of skin too.
· It works as a protection sheet for the skin and also save it from UVA and UVB rays.
· St Herb Day Cream can stimulate the skin to synthesize its own collagen.
Directions- You can use it every morning after washing and toning the skin. Now, smoothen the skin with the light film of St Herb Day Cream on the areas of face and neck too

Precautions- You have to avoid the most sensitive areas of the skin like near the eyes. If you have wounds or cuts over the skin then you are not allowed to apply it over the skin. Also, if the cram goes in your eyes then immediately rinse the eyes with water. Also, those who feel any kind of irritation and rashes after application then you have to stop its use further.

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