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Diabetes Information

1. Diabetes Information 2. Diabetes Symptoms
3. Types of Diabetes 4. Diabetic Food Pyramid
5. Diabetes Treatment 6. Home Remedies for Diabetes
7. Natural Cures for Diabetes 8. Diabetes Mellitus Ayurvedic Treatment
9. Bitter Melon for Diabetes  

Diabetes is the condition in which the glucose level in the blood goes above the normal limit. It falls under metabolic disorder. Generally diabetes refers to diabetes mellitus and not the diabetes insipidus, which is rarely seen. Glucose is the main fuel for our body and body cells require this important element to work properly.

Glucose comes naturally with the foods that contain carbohydrate. Diabetes mellitus occurs when the pancreas, the organ that is responsible for producing insulin is either unable to make insulin or the insulin produced by the gland is not properly used by the body cells. Whatever the cause, the result is glucose remains in the bloodstream and is not utilized by any of the body cells. The insulin is the key that is used by the cells to consume the glucose present in the blood. In diabetes, the insulin is of no use or the insulin is not produced in the wanted quantity so that the glucose remains in blood (high blood sugar) and creates condition called as diabetes mellitus.

There are mainly two types of diabetes.

Type One (called as IDDM – insulin dependent diabetes mellitus) and Type Two (NIDDM – noninsulin dependent diabetes mellitus). Type one usually occurs in people, who are under thirty years of age but as rare case, can occur at any age. Type one diabetes is seen approximately 15% of people with diabetes. Here, the pancreas cannot produce the insulin and therefore, these patients need to depend on insulin that is supplied from outside. 

On the other hand, Type two diabetes affects nearly about 85% of the people with diabetes and that makes it more common among all. The condition occurs when insulin is produced but not in an adequate amount. The production is not totally stopped and therefore, body does not need extra insulin supplements from outside. There are drugs called as OHD – oral hypoglycemic drug that an control the blood sugar in the body. The patient has to take these pills without fail to keep the blood sugar levels in control.

Natural Cures for Diabetes


Diabecon is said to have several synergistically acting all natural herbal extracts as ingredients that possess anti-diabetic action. Many people suffering from diabetes have stated that they found a relief that they had never found before, especially when Diabecon was accompanied with anti-diabetic healthy diet and some special holistic exercises such as yogasanas, meditation and pranayamas.

Bitter Melon Capsules

Karela (Bitter Melon) , also known as Bitter Gourd  is a herb that useful to regulate blood sugar levels and keeps body functions operating normally. Its principle constituents are charantin, lectins, and momordicine. Karela has well known result in diabetes mellitus. Bitter melon (Karela) is not only beneficial in diabetes mellitus but is also very beneficial in a lot of other disorders that have been troubling mankind.

The people who are obese are susceptible to have diabetes. Moreover, the people with diabetes are at higher risk if they have below mentioned conditions –

  1. High blood pressure
  2. Heart Disease
  3. Obese, overweight
  4. Above 50 years of age
  5. Have hereditary problem (family history of diabetes)
  6. People with sedentary work
  7. People who are lazy, sluggish and retired from work
  8. Who eat or fond of sweets or any sugary item

The symptoms for diabetes includes…

  1. Increased thirst (polydypsia)
  2. Increased urination (frequency of urination increases)
  3. Numbness all over the body especially fingers and toes
  4. Delayed healing of wounds (a typical sign of diabetes)
  5. Excessive sweating
  6. Tired, lethargic and dull feelings

The management includes either insulin injections (for Type I) or OHD (for Type II). Along with these medications, strict diet, exercises and lifestyle changes are to be followed. Diabetes is to be controlled as the complications can create hazardous conditions and can target vital organs like kidney, eyes or heart.

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2Much Gold - Premature Ejaculation  
Shilajit Gold - Increase Libido  
Vigomax Forte - Erectile Dysfunction Treatment  
Neo Tablets - Increase Sperm Count  
Orgy Oil - Massage Oil  
Shilapravang - Impotence Treatment  
Tribulus Terrestris - Increase Male Libido  
Vita-Ex Gold - Correct Spermatorrhea  
Butea Superba Capsules - Premature Ejaculation Cure  
Butea Superba Gel - Erectile Dysfunction Cure  
Conmax Men Serum - Erectile Dysfunction Treatment  
Yoga Dvd for Childless Couples  
Male Impotency Treatment  
Women Health

Evanova - Menopause Pain Relief  
Femiplex - Vaginal Discharge Cure  
Shatavari - Increase Female Libido  
M2 Tone - Irregular Menstruation  
B-Shapes - Firm Breasts  
Posex Forte - Menstrual Problems Cure  
Femiforte - Vaginal Discharge Cure  
Lady Secret Serum - Vagina Tightening  
Breast Cream - Increase Breast Size  
Nano Breast Cream - Firm Droopy Breasts  
Breast Mask - Firming  
Breast Spray - Natural Breast Enhancement  
Pueraria Mirifica Capsules - Improve Bust Line  
Nano Breast Serum - Natural Breast Enlargement  
Nano Plus Breast Serum - Firm Bust  
Yoga dvd for Women  
Skin diseases/acne
Neem - Natural Cure for Acne  
Yoga dvd forSkin Problem  

Shallaki - Joint Pain Relief  
Arthrella - Natural Cures for Arthritis  
Natural Treatment for Arthritis  
Joint Pain Treatment  
Rumartho Gold - Arthritis Remedy  
Liver Care
Livomyn Tablets - Liver Support  

Bitter Melon - Lower Blood Sugar  
Gymnema Sylvestre - Diabetes Treatment  
Madhunashini Vati - Diabetes Remedies  
Yoga Dvd for Diabetes  
Heart Diseases

Arjuna - Healthy Heart  
Guggul - Lower Cholesterol Level  
Garlic - Heart Diseases Remedies  
Yoga Dvd for High Blood Pressure  
Memory, Stress

Brahmi - Increase Memory  
Ashwagandha - Natural Stress Relief  
Weight Loss, Obesity
Slimming Pills  

Bioslim - Natural Weight Loss  
Slim Shape - Remove Cellulite  
Cellulite Reduction  
Garcinia Cambogia - Control Obesity  
Herbal Weight Loss  
Slimming Pills  
Obenyl - Obesity Treatment  
Yoga Dvd for Obesity  
Eye Care
Itone Eye Drops - Eye Care Drops  
Amalaki - Improve Eyesight  
Yoga Dvd for Eye Problem  
Anti Aging
Shilajit - Anti Aging Herb  
Triphala - Colon Cleanser  
Haritaki - Internal Cleanser  
Trifgol - Bowel Cleanser  
Extrammune - Boost Immunity  
Wheat Grass - Immune Booster  
Holy Basil - Boost Immune System  
Amla - Enhance Immunity  
Dental Care
Dental Cream - Prevent Toothache  
Valeriana Wallichii - Induce Sleep Naturally  
Trikatu - Appetite Suppressant  
Alsarex - Heartburn Relief  
Amla - Indigestion Treatment  
Kidney Stone
Punarnava - Kidney Stones Treatment  
Calcury - Kidney Stones Remedies  
Hair Loss /dandruff
Hair Loss Cream - Prevent Hair Loss  
Herbal Hair Loss Treatment  
Anti Dandruff Shampoo  
Anti Dandruff Cream  
Protein Shampoo  
Herbal Henna  
Arshonyt forte - Hemorrhoids Treatment  
Kofol - Cough Relief  
Height Plus - Increase Height  

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