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A-Eye Vision

Eyes are related to Alochaka Pitta. Pitta constitution people are very sensitive to strong light. They also suffer from various inflammatory disorders of the eye. The soles of the feet are predominant of tejas element. There is relation between eyes and the sole of the feet. Ayurveda therefore advises massage f the sole of the fee by castor oil or coconut oil as preventive against diseases of eye in which pitta is vitiated.

Causative factors

Cstant reading, working with computers, watching television, reading in poor light, nd aging can cause various vision problems. Myopia or nearsightedness is a disorder foud mainly in children, where they can see nearby objects but are unable to see distant objects. In this condition, the eyeball becomes elongated; hence the parallel rays from the distant objects converge and fall in front of the retina. Use of a concave lens corrects this defect.

Hyperopia or far-sightedness is a disorder found in perns mostly after the age of 40. These individuals can see distant objects but are unable to see near objecs, because the divergent rays from the near object come to focus behind the retina. Use of a convex lens removes this defect.


Terminalia chebula is the herb of choice. Triphala powder should be given with honey and ghee. Every day before going to bed at least for 3 moths. The dose of triphala should be adjusted in such a way that it will not have any laxative action, and ghee an honey should not be in equal quantity. This medicine can prevent thse abnormalities and to certain extent are usefl for myopia also.Medicated triphala ghee 1 tea spoon, every da at night for 1 month, is also useful in condition of hyperopia.

B- Burning Eyes

Constant strain on eyes, walking barefoot in the Sun, or working near heat for long time causes burning of eyes.


The best remedy for this is application of castor oil, to the sole of the feet and then massaging the same with bottom of any coppe vessel, every night for one week. Put gauze soaked in milk over the eyes for 15 minutes every day before going to sleep. Use oolig Pitta palliative herbs internally like sandalwood, vetivert, rose, coral and coral oxide.

C- Cataract

As the age advances, the lens in eye can become opaque known as cataract. Usually this happens after 50 but in certain diseases like diabetes and in some congenital disorders, this can happen in earlier age.


Use of natural calcim like pearl an coral in purified form 50 milligram every day for 3 months can prevent the opacity of lens. 

D- Stye

It is small papule, which appears on the upper or lower eyelid. This occurs at any age but is very common in adults and is usually associated with uncorrected errors of efraction and constipation.


Errors of refraction if any should be corrected: This is also pitta disorder. Use herbs like turmeric, dandelion and bayberry.

Tab. Guduchi 500 mgm, with tab. Tribhuvana kirti 250 mgm. 3 times a day for 15 days is ideal.



It is the inflammation of conjunctiva of eye.

Causative factors and types

Various types of conjunctivitis like acute catarrh or mucopurulant, or acute purulent or membranous do occur due to vitiation of Alochaka pitta. It ay be due to the result of various bacterial and viral infections.


Eye becomes red and painful. There is itching, with purulent discharge and photophobia.


Eye-wash should be given with decoction of triphala or licorice. Similarly washing the eyes with rose water, or chamomile or chrysanthemum water is very much beneficial. Ask the patient to wash the eye with tse solutions 3 to 4 times a day.

Intrnally coral oxide in dose of 50 milligram three times a day along with Tab. Gudch 250 mgm, is indicated. Triphala ghee in dose of 1 teaspoon twice a day is also useful to prevent the recurrenc.



It is also called as tarsal cyst or mebomias cyst. Usually it appears oneither lower or upper eyelid.

Causate factors

Usually they are the results or refractive errors.But occasionally they occur due to infection. They are more common in adults than children.


First apply paste of curcuma mixed with water externally and carry out light fomentation. Application of paste of multnisoil or paste of seed of dates is also useful.

Tab. Guduchi 500 mgm, or tab. Arogyavardhini 250 mgm, 3 times a day is indicatedfor 3 weeks. They should be given with warm water 3 to 4 times a day.

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