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Femiforte is powered with all natural handpicked herbs found in India. Such herbs are practiced/prescribed in holistic medicinal system like Ayurveda since centuries. They are quite famous since they do not produce any adverse effects. Femiforte is herbo-mineral product that effectively helps curing various vaginal discharges.

Packaging: Blister pack of 30 tablets.

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Dosage: 1 tablet twice daily.

The basic function of the vagina is providing a connection between the outside of female’s body to the uterus present inside. This is there in order to make sexual intercourse possible so that the woman bears a child to continue reproduction.

The vaginal tract requires utmost care since it is connected with vital organs such like uterus, ovaries, fallopian tubes in one or the other way. In any circumstances, if the vagina gets infected, there are full chances that these organs might get caught and may end up in some irreversible diseases.

To protect this, vagina is provided with natural acidic environment and the pH of vagina serves as a shield to various infections. This acidic nature of the vagina is created by friendly bacteria produced by woman’s body. When the vagina is in its health, it keeps itself cleaned and in a healthy state. This is simply done by producing normal secretions in normal quantity into the vaginal canal that is termed as ‘normal vaginal discharge’.

Femiforte Ingredients:

Name of Ingredient Powder Latin/ English Name Quantity
Ashoka Saraca indica 100 mg
Triphala >>>> 60 mg
Vasa Adhatoda vasica 60 mg
Jeeraka Cumimum cyminum 20 mg
Kukkutandtwak bhasma >>>> 25 mg
Phitkari shuddha Alum 20 mg
Shilajit shuddha Purified asphaltum 20 mg
Chopchini Smilax china 10 mg
Hirabola Commiphora myrrha 10 mg
Kankola Piper cubeba 10 mg
Loh bhasma >>>> 10 mg
Mandur bhasma >>>> 10 mg
Mukta Shukti bhasma >>>> 10 mg
Nagkeshar Mesua ferrea 10 mg
Usheer Andropogan muricatus 10 mg
Trivang bhasma >>>> 4 mg

Understand the Vaginal Discharge

First it is essential to learn that all women have some amounts of vaginal discharge. Glands present in the vaginal canal and cervix manufacture small amounts of fluid flowing out of the vagina everyday. This flow contains old, dead, waste cells that line the vaginal tract. The normal vaginal discharge helps cleaning the vaginal canal in this way and moreover, it also keeps it lubricated and free from infections and other microorganisms.

A normal vaginal discharge does not contain any foul smell and generally has no odor at all. A healthy vaginal discharge generally appears clear or milky when gets dried on the clothes; in some rare cases, the woman might notice white spots or a normal vaginal discharge which is thin and thready in appearance. Unfortunately, there are many conditions that give rise to abnormal vaginal discharge including the most common – white discharge. The natural balance of the vaginal canal could be interrupted by anything that can interfere with its healthy environment.

The market is full of white vaginal discharge supplement products that include both; allopathic and holistic medicine such as Ayurvedic medicines. Femiforte is one of the most trustful Ayurvedic preparations by Charak, the leaders in making Ayurvedic formulas to treat various health ailments.

Femiforte has been used by hundreds of thousands of women across the world who notices the changes in the appearance or consistency in the vaginal discharge. The reasons for this could be many as described below:-

  • Emotional stress
  • Any prescribed or OTC medications taken by the woman including hormone replacing pills
  • Sexually transmitted diseases i.e. STDs
  • False/unhealthy or improper diet
  • Vaginal infections
  • Urinary tract infection

Other things that might alter the natural pH balance of the vaginal tract and may end up in vaginal infections are vaginal douches, hygienic products for females, perfumed or deodorant toilet bars, some allopathic medications, diabetes, or improper wash/cleanliness of the vagina.

Femiforte – potent ingredients, potent benefits.

India is covered with tropical forests those are considered to be wealthy in biodiversity. On the other hand, there are some semitropical hill forests that boast more than 600 species of medicinal plants used to treat plenty of health ailments. The endemic and rare flora can also be found easily in such areas. People have been using such plants and herbs in order to treat various vaginal discharges since centuries and Charak, the trusted name in Ayurvedic medicines have identified all those potential herbs and minerals and have put them into one pack called Femiforte.

The scientists at Charak have used their indigenous knowledge and presented it to the modern world in order to effectively treat various kinds of vaginal discharges in women including white discharge, the leucorrhea. Leucorrhoea or white discharge is a condition wherein it is a whitish discharge coming from vagina. It could be thick and viscid with foul odor if it is because of some infections.

Leucorrhea is considered to be one of the most horrid health concerns of women across the world. Female genital tract is quite susceptible to infections, particularly infections such as trichomonal, chlamydial and candidial. Malnourishment, poor hygienic conditions can further impair the host response and can markedly increase the susceptibility to plenty of vaginal ailments including vaginitis.

Femiforte is composed of potent astringent such as Saraca indica that helps arresting excessive vaginal discharges. Ingredients such as Berberis aristata and Tinospora cordifolia are known to fight against microorganisms. Other ingredients present in Femiforte possess potent anti-inflammatory action that decreases the swelling and redness of the vagina.

Femiforte helps alleviating symptoms

Femiforte is known for its action on vaginal tract that is much in favor of the woman. Regular usage of Femiforte is said to help curing excessive vaginal discharge because of fungal, bacterial or even protozoal infections. Abnormal and excessive vaginal discharge that is associated with pregnancy is also said to be relieved using Femiforte in proper dosage for a particular period.

Femiforte is also used to prevent recurrent vaginitis. Various vaginal problems that might lead to sexual dis-satisfaction can also be supplementd taking Femiforte regularly. It is known fact that the women with severe vaginal infection and profuse discharge lose their interest in sexual activities and find them unsuitable for any sexual plays. They really lack of interest in sex that can make their partners frustrating. This may also lead to breaking the sexual relationship. Femiforte can save such relationship if used in a proper way. Regular intake of Femiforte can help keeping vaginal tract healthy and the woman can enjoy various sexual plays without any interruption and difficulties.

Along with the therapy of Femiforte, brisk walk in the morning is advised to fasten the results. Sanitary and hygienic condition is must and also, the woman has to wear comfortable fitting undergarments to ensure air circulation. Moreover, avoiding fried and spicy foods, fasting and sour things are advised as described in Ayurveda.

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