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femiplex vaginal discharge supplement

In any sort of vaginal discharges, the normal ones are to be differentiated from the abnormal ones; so called the white discharge. Just as the extents of sweating differ in person-to-person, the degrees of vaginal discharge also differ substantially in woman-to-woman. Most of the women don’t know such variations and plenty of health problems such as back pains, weakness, joint pain and all medical ailments in general are many times ascribed by them to the white discharge. Some of the health care experts are still trying to explore vaginal discharge in women.

Femiplex probably has a stimulatory activity on the endometrium and the blend of potential herbal ingredients posses the tonic property that helps improving the uterine circulation. Femiplex also acts as natural antibiotic that has astringent property on the mucous membrane of the reproductive system that assist in controlling the condition like leucorrhea or vaginal discharge

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The general dosage for Femiplex is two tablets once to thrice a day depending upon the condition of disease and diseased. However, it is better to follow physician’s instructions.

All about Femiplex and Vaginal Discharge

Few of the common causes for vaginal discharge include condition called Trichomonal vaginitis. In fact, this is the most local cause for vaginal discharge that gives the history of yellow and frothy discharge from the vagina. It also accompanies severe itching at the vagina that more or less confirms the problem. In some of the cases, husbands of the females having such problems also develop itching on their penis after having sexual intercourse. Another cause is Monilial vaginitis, which occurs in any case of leucorrhoea wherein the person is suffering from diabetes mellitus, pregnant, is on any antibiotic course or oral contraceptive pills.

Cervicitis is another and third most common local causative factor that can give rise to condition like leucorrhoea that is generally associated with other problem like backache. The woman experiences weakness, running down and has pains mostly in the back and calf muscles. There might be loss of vital body fluids and itching on and around vagina, any or both of the thighs and groin region.

In some of the women inflammation of uterus (generally following vaginal birth), its displacement or some STDs (sexually transmitted diseases such as gonorrhea) might also trigger and festinate the degree of leucorrhoea. In young women, thread worms can also cause onset of vaginal discharge. Husbands, whose wives (or for this matter any other lady with whom have cohabitation) may have problems in their genitals that they generally get from coitus and even through oral sex.

Vaginal discharge in a long run, though in rare cases, can lead to cancerous growth and therefore it is important that root cause is to be fully determined and explored before starting any therapy to treat the condition. In most of the cases, doctors prescribe certain laboratory tests and other screening in order to look at the cause for vaginal discharge. Once the root cause has been detected, the woman can be treated in appropriate way.
femiplex vaginal discharge supplement

Shilajit shuddha - 12.96 mg                               
Kankola - 06.48 mg                                            
Mukta Shukti bhasma - 05.40 mg                      
Ashoka - 04.32 mg                                                 
Daruharidra - 04.32 mg                                       
Godanti shuddha - 04.32 mg                       
Oudumbar - 04.32 mg                                            
Ulat kambal - 04.32 mg                                          
Shalmali - 04.32 mg                                               
Dhanyaka - 03.24 mg                       
Dhataki - 03.24 mg                                                
Gokhshura - 03.24 mg  
Jeerak - 03.24 mg                                                    
Kamal - 03.24 mg                                                    
Lodhra - 03.24 mg                                                   
Madayantika - 03.24 mg                                      
Putrajivaka - 03.24 mg                                           
Tanduliya - 03.24 mg                                              
Shatavari - 03.24 mg                                             
Suvarna - 03.24 mg                                                
Usheer - 02.16 mg                                                  
Chopchini - 02.16 mg                                           
Japa - 02.16 mg                                                      
Mandur bhasma - 02.16 mg                                
Nagkeshar - 02.16 mg                                         
Gandharas - 01.08 mg                                        
Loh bhasma - 01.08 mg                                        
Phitkari shuddha - 01.08 mg                       
Trivang bhasma - 01.08 mg                                  

  • Tanduliya, Triphala, Vasa, Ashok and Daruharidra
  • Oudumbar, Ulat kambal, Shalmali, Dhanyaka and Dhataki
  • Gokhshura, Guduchi, Jeeraka, Kamal and Lodhra
  • Madayantika, Putrajivaka, Shatavari and Japa bark

If used in a proper way, Femiplex can also improve the general health and help relieving the symptoms linked with leucorrhea. Some of the ingredients’ properties are mentioned below:-

  • Ashoka bark, lodhra. kankola and purified phitkari possess astringent properties that help reducing the excessive vaginal discharge.
  • Trifla and japa bark help relieving the pruritus.
  • Herbs like chandana, daruharidra, ashoka bark and trivang bhasma help treating the vaginal discharges those are because of some infections.
  • Potential ingredients like gokshur and triphala serve as pelvic decongestant and therefore decrease the amounts of vaginal discharge.
  • Components like loh bhasma and guduchi help providing nutritional support to the reproductive system.
  • Herbs like ashwagandha, shatavari and chandan are known for overcoming problems associated with anxieties and thus, neutralize the mood swing.

In Ayurveda, vaginal discharge is called as yonipradara that means something coming out of the vagina. Ayurveda describes normal and abnormal vaginal discharge out of them abnormal is to be treated as early as possible to avoid complications. Vaginal discharge could be due to infection or unhygienic condition. The woman with this problem is advised to keep local area as clean as possible. She should not use any chemically made soap or lotion to wash the area. Ancient Ayurvedic scholars used to prescribe triphala or nimba kwatha (decoction) for yoniprakshalana (rinsing the vagina). This is because triphala and nimba kwatha is considered to be powerful natural dis-infective agents.

The woman suffering from such problem should take natural pills like Femiplex and should avoid eating junk/canned or packed foods. She should also switch on to plenty of dark green leafy vegetables and should drink enough water to flush out the toxins from the body. She should take precaution while engaged in sexual intercourse and should stick to minimum sexual partner in order to avoid sexually transmitted diseases.

What are the overall benefits of taking Femiplex?

Femiplex is Ayurvedic, all natural herbal product which helps in curing various types of vaginal discharges including leucorrhea. It also helps overcoming different vaginal problems and rejuvenates the entire reproductive tract. Regular usage of Femiplex also restores the hormonal imbalance and hence, helps achieving normal menstrual cycle.

I have severe vaginal bleeding. Can I use Femiplex?

Severe vaginal bleeding could be due to many reasons, out of which, some could be serious. In such conditions, it is better to undergo various screenings and tests prescribed by doctor. It is suggestible to consult gynecologist. However, taking Femiplex can check out some of the root causes for such abnormal bleeding.

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