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Obenyl is an herbal medication and is very efficient for weight loss. The product Obenyl tablets are clinically proven, it is safe and very promising poly-herbal preparation which is helpful to regulate the production and utilization of the fats. It also reduces the sweet items' craving; it also normalizes the production as well as utilization of the energy in the body and is also helpful to keep person slim, trim and healthy

Packaging: 30 Tablets


The general dose include 2 tablets two times a day after breakfast and dinner, for a minimum period of three to six months.

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This poly-herbal preparation can be purchased online and also in herbal store. Being an OTC product, Obenyl tablets do not require any medical prescription and is freely available across the world. The product makes the body feel stomach-full so that one eats less. Obenyl is helpful to maintain healthy bodyweight, it also regulates the fat metabolism, and it also protects obese people against possible upshots of over lipids and also provides the aesthetic value. The weight loss plan having less intake of food and increase in the exercise will show an awesome and successful result.

Obenyl is a tablet which is to be taken orally; it is to be taken half an hour before the meal. Obenyl is a medicinal drug that is used most commonly for those people who are having more than twenty pounds of over-weight and who need to lose their weight to keep healthy. Obenyl decreases the eating habit so that one can keep the weight off for long time even after the dieting is over. Obenyl is to be taken only by the adults or eighteen and above. As this is very strong medicine thus can cause some of the people nervous and may even cause insomnia, Thus this medication is not recommended to take before going to bed.

The manufacturers of Obenyl claim that it suppresses the appetite, burns the fat, and increases the energy. The main ingredient of Obenyl tablets Garcinia Cambogia is said to inhibit the absorption of fatty cells, limiting lipid productions; however, study results have recently been questioned with lots of doubts.

The herbs present in Obenyl such as Haritaki and Guggulu are said to decrease the level of triglyceride and cholesterol. It is also revealed by the manufacturers that Meshashringi is helpful to lower the craving for sweets and sugary items and even excretes the excess sugars of the body. Another ingredient called Methika might lower blood sugar level too. Typically, Obenyl tablets' most of the ingredients affect the body’s sugar and fats' absorption or elimination in some or the way that is a major reason for weight gain in most of the people, and might indicate a positive aspect of such a wonderful formula.


Shuddha Gandhak
15 mg
Vernonia antihelminica
15 mg
Kaishor Guggul
15 mg
Triphala Guggul
15 mg
Trayodashang Guggul
15 mg
30 mg
Yograj Guggul
60 mg
90 mg
Boerhaavia diffusa
195 mg
Extracts derived from
Careya arborea
375 mg
Sphaeranthus indicus
195 mg
Maharasnadi kwath
195 mg
Mahasudarshan churna kwath
195 mg
Mahamanjistadi kwath
195 mg

Action of Obenyl tablets:

  • Obenyl tablets bring about efficient burning of fats.
  • Obenyl tablets inhibit fatty acid synthesis and hence, reduces fat accumulation in various parts of the body.
  • Regular consumption Obenyl help in reducing the cholesterol levels in the body, factors those are associated with fat accumulation.
  • A full course of Obenyl may reduce the craving for foods and sweets and hence, reduces the intake of high calories diet and carbohydrates.
  • Obenyl tablets bring about effective usage of glucose throughout the body that plays a major role in fat accumulation in the body.
  • The potential ingredients present in Obenyl tablets lead to optimal utilization of nutrients and release positive energy, thus, correcting energy imbalances in the body those are responsible for fatty tissue accumulation.

When any individual's body weight exceeds 20 per cent of the standard, then the individual is labeled as obese or overweight. If left untouched, overweight or obesity may lead to plenty of health ailments including high blood pressure, diabetes mellitus, arthritic conditions, back pain, coronary heart disease, and problems of gall bladder, cancerous growth and sleep apnea. Obenyl is reported to have favorable effects on weight reduction and to control the cholesterol and lipid profiles. Obenyl tablets are a researched ayurvedic herbal product that can be easily used without any major side effects even for a long term.

The ingredients Obenyl tablets have are choices herbal extracts those are known for their natural anti-obesity properties. Together, they help in reducing the body fats by burning the adipose tissues. They also help in correcting the fat metabolism and prevent the fat accumulation in the body areas such as thighs, breasts, chest, buttocks, biceps etc.


  • Over-weight
  • Obesity
  • Hyperlipidemia
  • Craving for sugar

Adverse effects:

  • No adverse effects have been reported with the use of Obenyl tablets, unless taken in over dosage or for many years.


  • The use of Obenyl tablets is contraindicated in pregnant women. But health care providers suggest that Obenyl tablets can be taken safely after lochia (The normal uterine bloody discharge from the vagina) that may include tissues and mucus after childbirth
  • The use of Obenyl tablets is contraindicated in patients suffering from jaundice and/or renal failure.
  • Obenyl tablets are also to be used with cautions in patients who are already diagnosd with chronic issues such as diabetes, cardiac problems and high blood pressure. It is advisable to take Obenyl tablets under strict medical supervision.

Special precautions:

  • None reported.

Drug interaction:

  • No drug interactions have been reported with the use of Obenyl tablets.



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