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Home Remedies for Earache, Natural and Herbal Treatment

Who amongst us has not at some time suffered from the sheer misery of ear ache and felt aching sympathy when our own child has ear-ache? I have to admit that it is one of the very few childhood ailments which, if I cannot clear it myself within a few hours with the application of warm oil and aspirin and it has become progressively more painful, I have absolutely no compunction in calling for professional advice, even in the middle of the night. 

Ear – ache can be caused by many things: colds, catarrh , flu, enlarged adenoids, infection caused by swimming in polluted water (which may also be the cause of an abscess in the ear), teething and wisdom teeth. Apart from the nasty, nagging agony of ear-ache there may also be dizziness and deafness which can indicate too much wax in the ears. If after using a gentle home remedy the ear-ache is not getting any better, if the bone underneath the ear is painful and the skin behind it is red and tender (but do make sure that this is not caused by ill-fitting spectacles), or if the patient has a stiff neck and is feeling drowsy it would be wise to seek immediate professional advice.

Earache does usually disappear quite quickly once it is treated but if it persists or keeps recurring over a period of time it is best to see your doctor. Whilst there are some delightful remedies for ear – ache it is always wise to remember never to poke things into the ears, particularly garlic, onion or cotton wool buds on sticks. If an accident does occur and you realize that some foreign object has disappeared without trace into a small ear the Out Patient Department of you local hospital is the best place to deal with it. Do not try to remove it yourself.

The local hospital are also very good at removing moths and spiders which creep into the ear at night and create enough mayhem within your head to convince you that the cavalry has taken up residence. You can actually try to drown and float these intruders out with warm oil but this is difficult to achieve if you live alone. Most remedies for ear-ache are primarily based on warmth and oil but what lends such fascination to the subject is the quality and varieties of oils used throughout the world which have been tested and found satisfactory.

Most importantly, the one thing that the majority of them have in common is the fact that none of the greases  or oils used hardens on cooling. In England one would have caught a hedgehog, shaved off his prickles and roasted him slowly over a fire, catching the fat in a small pan as it dripped. In Europe the dormouse was the fine layer of fat from the portly hippopotamus was greatly sought after. Castor oil, butter, goose grease and chicken fat were also used more in the manner of emergency measures, although roasting limpets to extract the liquid would have needed a certain amount of foresight.

Although many oil-fashioned suggestions feature the use of roasted onion or garlic it is never wise to put solid substances in the ear but crushing either bulb and steeping it for several hours in warm oil before straining well through a fine gauze will give a healing unguent which has been used for centuries without ill effect. Many oil encyclopedias recommended warm honey or warm honey and garlic oil for a boil in the ear but I would think that this could lead to sticky complications. Garlic oil was also used by old- fashioned medics to relieve noises in the ears.

Ear-ache is often caused by water getting trapped in the ear during swimming and diving and, whilst I do not advocate ‘head banging’ a good shake of the head or holding the ear down wards and applying a firm but gentle massage underneath should release it.

To Soothe and Warm

Warmth is one of the greatest possible soothers and the methods of applying it have varied from heating a quantity of salt and rolling it in a cloth which is then placed in a sock upon which the aching ear is laid to hot poultices of onions, figs or hollyhocks (depending upon the region in which you lived) to draw out the pain. Chamomile heads warmed by the fire, a fomentation of hot mustard leaf, hot pancakes and baked potatoes wrapped in wool have all been urged upon the unhappy sufferer, but the most sensible suggestions are those of a compress as hot as can be stood or a hot-water bottle well wrapped in a cover upon which to lay the painful ear whilst trying to sleep. Many people advocate another hot-water bottle at the feet no matter how warm the weather, presumably in an attempt to draw the pain as far from the ear as can be contrived! The most comforting warmth for any small child is mother’s bosom and the type of crooning cuddle which will hopefully distract attention from the sore ear. Ear-ache in young children is often associated with teething troubles.

Massage can bring a great deal of relief especially if the cause of the pain is not certain. Massaging the gums behind the back teeth with oil of clove and cinnamon (not the essential oils) will ease pain related to the back teeth coming through, particularly wisdom teeth. Dilute a few drops in almond oil for young children who may otherwise balk at the fieriness.

A gentle circular massage with the fingertips of the area of the face where it joins the ear will also ease ear – ache considerably, especially if one of the soothing, healing oil mentioned under Chest Infections is used. I have also found the magical Tiger balm to be an excellent emergency treatment.

  • pleasant soothing herbal teas All herbal teas, but especially summer savory, will help to relax and soothe the victim of ear-ache whilst basil tea will also relieve congestion and calm the spirit. The leaves of basil chewed fresh have double the potency.
  • Sweet almond oil This is the most commonly used oil to ease ear-ache. Warm a teaspoon by plunging it into hot water. Shake it dry and quarter fill it with the painful ear upwards and tilted slightly back then check that the oil is not too hot and pour it gently into the ear, ensuring that it goes right in and does not trickle down the face. Massage very gently under the ear where it joins the cheek. Plug it with a large piece of cotton wool (country folk used sheep’s wool because it was greasy and thick) to prevent the oil seeping out and to keep it warm. Olive oil can be used instead. One of the useful home remedies for earache.
  • Parsley Parsley oil or the juice from parsley applied on a substantial cotton wool plug is another old-fashioned remedy.
  • Essential oil of peppermint, cloves or calendula (marigold) Add 1 drop of any one of these to 1 tablespoon of almond oil and use as above. Clove oil can also be used to clean the ears.
  • St. john’s wort oil (red oil) This oil was one of the most important items on a wise woman’s inventory. Use as almond oil (above).
  • Lemon juice or onion juice Applied to the offending ear on a plug of cotton wool, either of these should stop any infection immediately. One of the good home remedies for earache.
  • Ground ivy An oil made from this delightful herb soothes ear-ache, cleans minor wounds and also makes an excellent rub on throat and neck when chesty colds are rampant. Take several good handfuls of the fresh, crushed plant and leave to stand in a jar filled with 600 ml (1 pint) of olive or sunflower oil. Macerate for one month on a sunny windowsill, shaking occasionally, then  strain through fine muslin before using.
  • Vitamin E oil or garlic capsules The capsules are an excellent method of transporting a healing oil abroad for use when ear-ache occurs on holiday which, because a lot of time is spent in the sea or swimming pools where water may be polluted, happens quite frequently. The great advantage is that the capsule can be pierced with a sterilized pin and the oil emptied directly into the ear if the teaspoon and hot water with which to warm it are not readily to hand.  

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