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Japani Oil from is a natural Ayurvedic product that is considered to be one of the best products for male impotency treatment. It is one of the safe and natural products that has no side effects. Japani Oil is a known Ayurvedic formulation that contains natural herbs and is one of the tested products recommended for impotency in men. It helps to increase the libido in men. It not only helps to increase the libido but it also helps to provide extra energy to the body. Thus it is a health tonic that helps to achieve optimum health without any side effects.

Packaging: Japani Oil from is available in pack size of 15 ml

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How to Apply:

Use 10-15 drops through massaging by light hand at bed time and in the morning.


Each 10 ml contains: Akarkara 100 mg, Malkangni 25 mg, Malla 50 mg, Harttal 125 mg, Keshar 50 mg, Laung 100 mg, Jaitoon Oil QS, Tilli oil QS

Different sexual disorders that are treated by the use of Japani Oil are erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation and impotency. As it is free from any unwanted chemicals it is a better choice than other products that are available in the market with lot of side effect. If you want to get rid of impotency and lead a happy life it is better to choose natural herbs that help you to regain the vitality and strength in a natural way. These days’ people are more aware about the side effects produced by other synthetic medicines available in the market; therefore it is better to opt for natural products.

Some men experience sexual dysfunctions that occur in various forms such as low sex drive and penile erectile dysfunction. These dysfunctions occur due to anxiety, stress and over stimulation. Premature ejaculation can start at any age and it is the most common complaint of men. More than 90% men are affected with premature ejaculation. It is commonly found in younger men as compare to later in life.

Low libido is experienced by majority of men. But do not worry as we have a solution to your problem. Japani Oil is a natural product that helps to regain the optimum sexual health by regular use as recommended. This product is effective and safe as it is prepared from natural herbs. There are many synthetic products available in the market that claim to solve your problem fast and effectively. But do not mention the large number of side effects that are associated with the regular use of their product. But Japani Oil is a safe and natural product that has no side effects and is used since ages as a solution to the various sexual dysfunctions of men.

Many people are forced to use the synthetic products that contain harmful chemicals because natural herbs are obtained in India. It is known product that is used to increase the sperm count. It enhances the production of testosterone.. It also improves the co-ordination and easy muscle growth.

Thus you do not have to look here and there to get a natural product for all your sexual discomforts. Natural ingredients present in this product help you to get relieve from mental stress and strain and helps in the proper functioning of reproductive system. It increases the amount of semen and quality of sperms thus correcting the impotency.

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