Evanova - Menopause Pain Relief

Benefits of Evanova

It deals with all menopausal discomforts.

The formula improves hormonal utilization and restores overall hormonal balance.

It helps in restoring the moods.

Charak Evanova relieves from hot flushes, irritability, and insomnia.

It checks out urinary tract function.

It offers a sense of well-being.

It ensures an easy post-menopausal state.

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Directions for taking Evanova

General dose for Charak Evanova is 1 or 2 capsules two times a day preferably with meals. However, one has to take medicine for some weeks to get good results. The use of natural products can provide progressive but long-lasting effects.


Menopause is the term used for natural physiological termination of the menstrual cycle in women with normal physiological function. In layperson’s term, it is the time in women's life when their menses stops. It is a normal change in a woman's body which is unavoidable. A woman is considered to achieve menopause if she has not had any menses for one year in a row (with no any other factors like pregnancy or uterine problems for such change). Menopause is oftentimes labeled as “the change of life." While getting closer to the menopause, women’s body gradually produces less and less of the hormones particularly estrogen and progesterone. Such change generally occurs between the ages of 45-55. Evanova is complete female tonic that is used for menopausal discomforts.

As the woman is near to menopause, she might have symptoms as the body is now making huge changes. Many women are confused whether such changes are normal, and other may feel confused about what could be the remedy for such symptoms. The woman may feel better by knowing when she learns about menopause and talks with her health care provider about the health and such signs. Evanova is ideal alternative to hormonal replacement therapy as it is used in many menopausal related symptoms.

Menopause can affect every woman in a different manner. The only sign might be the cessation of menstrual period. Woman might have other symptoms, also. Many symptoms at stage could be because of the age (above 45). But some of them are because of the menopause.

Common symptoms that are present in woman attending menopause include:

Dryness in vaginal canal

Mood swings, feeling ill-tempered, cry spells (maybe due to insomnia)

Trouble focusing, feeling mixed-up or confused

Change in pattern of menstrual cycle. Menstrual cycle could be short or long, light or heavy, abandon in quantity or very less between periods etc.

Menstrual cycle passes hot flashes (some call it as hot flushes), perspiration during nights (oftentimes followed by chills)

Insomnia; difficulty in sleeping calmly in nights (with or without night sweats)

Loss of hair or thinning of hair on the scalp, more hair growth on the face

Medical science says that when a woman is young, her natural estrogen helps keeping the bones strong. When estrogen naturally falls in its levels in blood during menopausal phase, bones start becoming weakened. When bones have become weakened a lot, the condition is then known as osteoporosis. Weakened bones become brittle and are susceptible to get fracture more easily.

Evanova is a powerful herbal formula that helps women coping up with the uncomfortableness and unwanted symptoms due to menopause. Clinical trials and a lot of research have revealed that Evanova is a better alternative to Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT). This is because Evanova does not produce any unwanted, harmful and adverse effects.

Evanova is the product that contains blend of potential natural herbs that contains plant-derived hormones, medically known as phytoestrogens. Phytoestrogens are risk-free and offer many benefits that relieve many troublesome symptoms the woman experiences during menopausal phase. Evanova offers benefits to manage the short and long-term signs due to menopause. It works improving the hormonal utilization and regulating overall hormonal balance in the body. It is particularly useful for the women who suffer from mood swings, wakefulness during nights and fussiness or even hot flushes.

Since the product Evanova is composed of potential natural herbs, it gets woman a broad approach to overall wellbeing and promotes physical and mental stability. It also offers comfort in menopausal and post-menopausal phases. Many women report that Evanova can provide relief from annoying symptoms such as profuse perspiration, sleeplessness and headaches associated with menopause. The product also offers relief from bone and joint pains, and in also checks out for urinary tract functioning.


What extra benefits I get taking Evanova?

Regular intake of Evanova for some months can help you getting overall health benefits. It ceases all the symptoms related to menopause such as headache, irritableness, backache, pain in pelvic region and many more. It also helps in normal attendance of menopause in woman.

Does it cause dependency?

Not at all! Evanova is all natural herbs that have potential herb combination. It does not have any ingredient that can cause dependency. In fact, consumption of this product can help you getting overall health.

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