St Herb Nano Gold Breast Mask

To have firm breast are the dream of every lady as the breasts that are beautiful can enhance the good looking and beautiful body. As the breasts are so important to make you look attractive, so the care for the place should also be best. The areas around the breast are very sensitive, so the treatment should be as much important as your facial care. You can use the St Herb Nano Gold Breast mask for the purpose.

Ingredients- Pure Nano Gold Peptide, Myrrh Bark Extract, Extract of Pueraria Mirifica, Centella Asiatica extract, Extracts of Mangosteen, Essential cell booster, Kigelia Afficana Extract, Quince- hydrogel extracts, Nicotinamide and Commipheroline.

Description of Product- The St Herb Nano Gold Breast mask has the nano gold particles that are added into breast mask which is transparent and crystal. It also enables the latter of a great cell activating capacity and also the permeability too. These nano gold particles are just 1/2000 and in size they are same as the pores. It has some useful ingredients so that it is helpful in nourishing the chest constantly. The mask has the ability to lift up the sagging and loose breasts. The mask can activate the growth of mammary glandular cells that are helpful in preventing aging breasts. It can also help to increase the blood circulation in the tissues of breasts. The mask is helpful to supply breast collagen and moisture too. Thus, as a result, it enhances the breasts.

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Directions- Take St Herb Nano Gold Breast mask over the breasts area leaving the nipples. The mask should be spread evenly over the area. After the application of mask, you have to massage the area well with light hands for 5-10 minutes. This massage will help to penetrate and also provide firm, tones and large breasts. After doing that leave it as it for next 30 minutes to get wonderful results. You can use this method 3-4 times in a week.

Benefits and Uses

· St Herb Nano Gold Breast mask is helpful in rejuvenating the breasts.
· It also flourishes the breast contours to be supple and also make it youthful as it includes the Nano Gold peptide.
· This mask also has extracts of some of the tropical herbs.
· The ladies who are suffering from the aging breasts can took help of the mask as it makes them more firm and provide a glowing youthful skin.
· To make the skin of the breast firm and healthy the mask plays wonderful and incomparable results.
· The St Herb Nano gold Breast mask has advanced nano Gold Peptide pure 24 karats gold which is beneficial for making breasts beautiful.
· The mask is helpful in retarding the breast area’s skin aging.

Storage Direction- You have to put the mask in the area which is dry and cool. The temperature of the area should be less but not less than 0.

Cautions- If after applying the mask, you feel any type of itching or allergies then remove it at once and consult any doctor. It has included some of the chemical ingredients; so, keep them away from the reach of children.

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