Tulsi (Holy Basil)

Tulsi is commonly known by the name of Holy Basil. If we consider the meaning of tulsi in Hindi it means- incomparable one i.e. in terms of properties that tulsi posses no other herb can be compared with it. Among all the trees and plants that are worshiped in Indian tradition tulsi is the most important and most respected plant.

Its synonyms include Sulabha i.e. easily available, Gramya i.e. can be find abundantly especially in rural areas, Saurasa due to its taste, shoolaghni-due to its ability to work as pain killer. One of the common English names for tulsi is mosquito plant as it is used to repel mosquitoes due to its anti malarial effect. It is a very well known and common herb used in variety of disorders.

The Botanical name of tulsi is Ocimum tenuiflorum. tulsi belongs to Lamiaceae family. tulsi is an aromatic plant which is erect around 30-60 cm tall, highly branched subshrub having hairy stems and green leaves ovate in shape unto 5cm in length which are simple opposite in structure having petioles and are possess great smell. The plant of holy basil can be grown I every kind of soil but black mud, moist and sticky soil is most suitable for it. A different variety of tulsi known as Krishna. It has leaves which are purplish green in color. Flowers of tulsi are elongated racemose in structure present in close whorls and are puplish in color. There is one more species of tulsi known as Thai Holy Basil botanically called as Ocimum basilicum as the leaves of this plant is used in various Thai foods.

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Dosage: 1-2 Capsules twice a day after meal or or as directed by your health practitioner.

Chemically it contains oleanolic acid, ursolic acid, rosmarinic acid, eugenol, linalool, carvacrol and beta carophyllene, also it contains phytochemicals. All these beneficial chemical compounds in combination gives very good quality properties to tulsi.

It acts as anti viral, anti bacterial, antioxidant, immune enhancer and adaptogenic. It is also a stress buster, it promotes general health , provide strength to the body’s immune system thus gives resistance to the body to fight against various disease causing micro organisms. It also boosts up the body’s metabolism making it very healthy.

It is commonly said that people who eat 5 leaves of holy basil daily get resistant to fight against various microorganisms. Many common diseases of almost all the systems in the body can be cured with the help of tulsi only. A variety of household remedies can be prepared by using tulsi along with other kitchen herbs.

It is a widespread widely cultivated plant grown mainly for its various medicinal and religious purposes. Tulsi leaves are basically used for various rituals and religious ceremonies. Also whole tulsi plant is also worshiped almost all over in India as it is considered as a consort of Lord Vishnu in the form of Laxmi. In Hinduism mainly two varieties of tulsi are worshiped as Rama tulsi and Krishna tulsi. For this purpose it is cultivated in almost each and every home in India and in all the temples especially in Vishnu temples. During the month of kartka tulsi pujan is done i.e., tulsi is very much worshiped in this month mainly by vaishnavas.

It is being used for its various medicinal and healing properties since ages. It is being taken in various forms as herbal tea, decoction, and dried powder. Fresh leaves are also chewed. It is also used in various cosmetics and other skin products as has very good anti-bacterial action. As insect repellent also tulsi is used preferably to store grains.

Benefits of Holy Basil:

It is also very effective in treating diabetes.

It has anti oxidants properties due to which it does protection from the hazardous effects of radiations.

It has proved itself to be a very good pain killer as it contains high concentration of eugenol and it COX-2 inhibiting effect.

In ayurveda also various healing properties of tulsi has been mentioned specially in inflammatory disorders and viral infections as influenza , headaches , stomach disorders, malaria, various types of poisoning and heart diseases.

It is a very good herb for the digestive system as it promotes healthy metabolic system for the body.

It is also very good for promoting weight loss.

It can be used to treat rectal disorders, urinary system disorders and even genital tract diseases.

A hot decoction of tulsi can even be used to treat joint problems as rheumatoid disorders.

It can even be safely given to the person suffering from paralysis.

Steam of tulsi can be used for the purpose of fomentation in cases of various inflammatory disorders.

It stimulates the brain activity and relieves congestion of the heart, thus in maintains a proper circulation of flow of blood in the body. It’s a nerving tonic and also works as memory enhancer.

As tulsi has the properties to relieve pain tulsi oil can be used as ear drops in cases so earache.

The seeds of tulsi are mucilaginous thus works well for the respiratory system by removing the phlegm from the bronchus. Due to this reason it is an important ingredient in a number of ayurvedic cough syrups. Thus it is very beneficial in treating bronchitis and asthma. Leaves of tulsi is generally chewed for the treatment of flu.

It also brings down the temperature; a decoction made from tulsi leaves along with cardamom added to it is used in fever cases. Also when clove is added to leaves decoction it gives fast relief from common cold and influenza. It is also very helpful in treating sore throat.

Leaves of tulsi when chewed give relief in cases of mouth ulcers and other oral infections thus tulsi is an important ingredient in a variety of toothpastes.

It is very helpful in cases of viral infections, in chicken pox which is also a viral infection tulsi is beneficial if taken along with saffron.

It works as anti-stress agent due to its adaptogen properties.

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