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Yastimadhu’s botanical name is Glycerrhiza glabra and yastimadhu belongs to Leguminosae family. Glycerrhiza is a word of Greek origin where ‘glykos’ means sweet and ‘rhiza’ means roots. I.e. gycerrhizza means sweet root as the root of yastimadhu is sweet in nature and is the main part of this plant which is medicinally used. Thru rot is harvested in autumn.

Yastimadhu English name includes Licorice, Sweetwort, Sweet wood. Its Indian name is mulethi. In Sanskrit it is known by the names of yashti, madhook, jethimad .

yastimadhu is being used by man since ages both as a food and as medicine due to its beneficial properties. It is a kind of herb which is used to harmonize different other herbs i.e. it can be used as a flavor to change the taste of other unpleasant medicines.

Yastimadhu grows in sub-tropical and warm temperate regions, mainly in Mediterranean countries. In India it is distributed chiefly in south and hilly northern areas.

Yastimadhu is a tall perennial plant which is erect about 2 m in height. It has dark green pinnate leaves divided into small hairy leaflets and violet color flowers which have spike arrangement. The fruit is small in size and the seeds are kidney shaped the roots are long, cylindrical in shape and brown in color.

The roots of yastimadhu contain glycyrrhizin which is sixty times sweeter than cane sugar. It also contains flavanoids as liquirtin, isoliquertin, liquiritigenin, etc.Besides this it also contains coumarin, C-liquocoumarin. Also it contains Asparagine. Due to this number of important ingredients dried roots are the moose beneficial part of this plant that can be medicinally used.

According to ayurveda yastimadhu has the properties of a demulcent and a mild expectorant. It is madhur and tikta rasa(sweet and bitter in taste), sheet virya(sold in potency) and pacifies aggravated vata and pitta doshas in the body. It has a rejuvenating effect, promotes strength and vitality and is immune-stimulant. Yastimadhu gives calmness to the mind.

Yastimadhu has ability to fight against various infections especially viral infections in the body as it enhances the growth of naturally occurring antibodies.

Yastimadhu also has lubricant and anti-inflammatory properties thus doing gargles with the infusion of yastimadhu roots give relief in various respiratory conditions as cough, asthma, bronchitis etc. Its antitussive action gives yastimadhu a priority to be part of many cough syrups and various such preparations.

Due to its anti inflammatory properties yastimadhu roots infusion is used in cases of oral inflammations. Moreover it can also be used in cases of arthritis. Also it can be used externally in cases of mouth ulcers, eczema and herpes.

Yastimadhu root extract can be used to treat canker sores.

Due to its cooling properties Yastimadhu is used in disorders as indigestion, heart burn (acidity) and peptic ulcers as it forms a coating in the digestive system and prevents it from the acidic effect of various digestive acids and enzymes.

It can also be given in many urinary tract infections.

It works very well for eyes. It can be used in the treatment of conjunctivitis.

Yastimadhu is also good for hair growth. Sesame oil when used with yastimadhu’s root extract promotes hair growth. Yastimadhu root decoction can be used as a therapy in cases of hair fall.

Chewing mulethi in sore throat is very good as it improves the voice.

It improves the complexion of the skin as well.

Yastimadhu gives strength to the immune system.

It also works as aphrodisiac. A formulation made by adding ghee and honey to yastimadhu root extract when taken along with milk works as a very potential aphrodisiac and promotes sexual stimulation as described in ayurvedic text charak samhita .

A recent study on yastimadhu shows that it can sloe down the growth of cancerous cells in the body thus it can be used in the treatment of cancer.

Yastimadhu roots have aldosterone like activities due to which it is used in cases of high blood pressure, water retention and in conditions of potassium loss.

In conditions where patient is regularly taking aspirin or some other anti –inflammatory drugs, taking yastimadhu reduces the risk of developing ulcers as these drugs directly effects the mucous lining of the digestive tract.

The chemical compounds derived from licorice raises the amount of prostaglandins in the digestive system which causes new cell growth in the lining of the stomach also enhancing the mucus production from it.

Also yastimadhu has an anti-pepsin effect thus it helps prolonging the life span of surface cells of the mucous lining of stomach.

It also works as a laxative and as an appetizer as it evacuates the bowel.

It works as anti-allergic and is used to treat various skin infections and other allergic conditions in the body. The yastimadhu paste when applied externally on the face gives luster to the skin and also helps to get rid of pimples and blemishes.

Due to its soothing effect yastimadhu is also used in the treatment of burns.

Yastimadhu helps in the detoxification of the liver and protecting it due to its soothing, moist and anti-inflammatory nature.

The root of yastimadhu also works as antispasmodic and diuretic, it can be given in catarrhal urinary tract infections.

The root has also proven its hormonal effect same as hormones of ovary in female genital tract. It can also be safely taken while taking hormonal therapy or following any steroidal therapy.

It can be used for the treatment of Addison’s disease.

It constitutes an integral part of a variety of ayurvedic medicines. Along with jyotishmati it is used as a brain tonic. Along with amla it boosts the immunity. Yastimadhu is also an ingredient of yograj guggul which is use in various inflammatory conditions as arthritis.

However there are some contraindications to use yastimadhu as it should not be used by person suffering from high blood pressure, renal disorder or anyone who is taking digoxin based medicines. yastimadhu’s prolong usage may cause increase in the blood pressure and problems as water retention.

Yastimadhu should also be avoided in case of pregnant female.

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