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The wheat grass used in our Wheat Grass Pills is certified organic and produces high concentrations of chlorophyll and vitamins. The wheat grass seed begins its journey absorbing natural nutrients from a soil prepared using organic systems containing NO genetically engineered products, in preparation to become a tall, fruitful plant. At this stage, the plant has the nutrient profile like to that of other leafy green vegetables and will continue to grow until these nutrients reach their peak levels. Organic wheat grass contains vitamins A, B complex, C and E, iron, magnesium, trace elements calcium, and enzymes,  potassium, and amino acids. As an antioxidant, organic wheat grass can boost the scavenge free radicals and immune system. Organic wheatgrass has been shown to be a strong  body detoxifier. Its high chlorophyll content cleanses the tissues, liver and cells and purifies the blood. Organic wheatgrass also contains iron, folic acid and vitamin B-12 which are required for proper red blood cell production.

Servings per container: 120 Tablets

Suggested Dosage:

1 Tabet two time a day before food or as recommended by your healthcare professional

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Product Description:

Wheat Grass tables are a rich source of many nutrients. Total leaf vegetable grass is after that carefully dehydrated and tableted to ensure preservation of all its fragile nutritional elements. Wheat Grass is a  real, natural, and certified organic. It is well-known, as Triticum aestivum in its biological terms. It contains enzymes like protease, amylase, lipase, cytrochrome, transshydrogenase and SOD (super oxide dismutase). Besides these enzymes, it also contains all the necessary amino acids especially alanine, glutamic acid, asparatic acid, arginine and serine, which are useful in providing good amount of protein in body.

Health Benefits of Wheatgrass

1. It is useful in preventing aging and also helps in maintaining shine on the skin.
2. It is also useful in preventing dark circles around eyes.
3. Wheatgrass is helpful in nourishing skin and helps it to seem healthy.
4. It also acts as a natural treatment for skin disorder.
5. It is useful in slowing the aging process of cell.
6. It helps in promoting blood formation therefore useful in formation of RBC (red blood corpuscles), WBC (white blood corpuscles) and blood platelets etc.
7. It is also very helpful in improving vision of eyes therefore helping in providing proper nourishment to the skin under eyes preventing dark circles and sagging down of skin.
8. Wheatgrass helps in relieving from common body pains and any kind of inflammation that has occurred in body.
9. It is very useful in protein digestion.
10. It is also useful in starch digestion in body.

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