Nocturnal Emission Treatment

Vita-ex Gold is a natural product prepared from Ayurvedic herbs. It is designed to work on the higher centers of the brain directly and sexual organs indirectly. It helps to get rid of the anxiety. It acts through the neuron-endocrine system and helps to regulate the process of ejaculation. It is a safe and natural product without any side effects. It helps an individual to gain confidence.


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Vita-ex Gold is the best product that is recommended for spermatorrhea, premature ejaculation and nocturnal emission. It helps to regain the healthy sexual functions naturally. All ingredients of this product are natural herbs that do not have any unwanted side effects and are completely safe without any contraindications as well.

Active Ingredients:

Safed Musli
Kauncha Beej

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Dosage: Recommended Dosage: 2 capsules twice daily with milk or water

Vita-ex Gold is considered to be the single most effective Ayurvedic formulation that helps to get rid of problems such as premature ejaculation and nocturnal emission. The herbs combined in it helps to overcome the sexual problems of male. It also helps to improve the function of the testicals, seminal vesicles and sperm ducts. It provides strength to the testicular muscles. Vita-ex Gold helps to tone up the male reproductive organs and also energizes the body.

Vita-ex Gold helps to improve the morphology and motility of the sperms, as accounted by various clinical researches. It is a combination of natural herbs that is found effective in treating the oligo-spermia.

Vita-ex Gold tones up the male reproductive system, improves the broad-spectrum vitality and acts as a curative and nervine tonic. It stimulates the powerful contraction of the seminal vesicles, resulting in complete evacuation and also increases the quantity of semen ejaculated. It is a herbal formulation that is clinically researched and is regarded as an effective and safe product in all main problems of male fertility where modern medicine offers little hope.

Vita-ex Gold is proved to be an effective solution for the enhancement in total count of sperm and motility.

Premature ejaculation (PE) is the most common sexual dysfunctions experienced by men under the age of 40. Premature ejaculation may be defined as the ejaculation of the semen or achieving coitus before sexual satisfaction is achieved by both the partners. It does not include a specific time period needed or it does not set a time limit to reach the peak. If premature ejaculation occurs once in a while it is not a big issue to get worried, but if it occurs frequently, it may be a problem of concern.

It is possible that some men can ejaculate in 10 minutes, but if both partners are satisfied it is not considered as premature ejaculation. On the other hand, if a man delays his ejaculation and is not able to satisfy his partner even with constant stimulation it is said to be premature ejaculation.

It is found that nearly 30% of men suffer from premature ejaculation. There are many causes that leads to the premature ejaculation such as excitement, stress or anxiety, which are major factors in controlling the culmination. Premature Ejaculation in men can start in the young age and if not treated on time, it worsens with age and with the man throughout his life.

Vita-ex Gold formula is considered to be the safe and natural herbal product that will put an end to the problems of premature ejaculation. It is a herbal preparation and it does not has any unusual side effects on the overall health of the men. It helps to improve the overall sexual activity in men.

Doctors also recommend natural products for such problems. They advice such products as synthetic products have many side effects.

There are many types of synthetic products available in the market which has a large number of side effects. So to save yourself from the unwanted side effects, you may try Vita-ex Gold to achieve maximum benefit during sexual activity. Premature ejaculation does not satisfy your life partner and it may affect your normal life. Thus to satisfy your partner and avoid any anxiety during sexual act, start taking Vita-ex Gold that will provide you confidence and courage to practice sex without any hesitation.

Sometimes premature ejaculation and night falls may cause unusual stress in the minds of people, Vita-ex Gold helps to get relief from that stress and live happily. It is a natural Ayurvedic formulation of herbs that were used in ancient time to treat many sexual discomfort experienced by men. It is recommended without any contraindications. The ingredients of Vita-ex Gold help in the contraction of the seminal vesicles and thus help to manage the flow of the discharge.

Vita-ex Gold is a natural herbal tonic for male reproductive organs that energizes the whole system and helps to prevent spermatorrhea. It also acts as a nerve tonic and regulates the nerve control of the ejaculation. It acts on both nervous and sexual organs of the men. Research studies have shown that Vita-ex Gold also proved to be beneficial for the couples who do not have babies due to unusual sexual activity. Sexual problems such as spermatorrhea, nightfall, and premature ejaculation pose to be a hindrance in the path of proper deposition of sperms in the female genital organs. All these sexual problems lead to the production of poor quality and quantity of sperms. It helps to produce good quality and quantity of sperms.

The most important benefit of the Vita-ex Gold is that it has natural herbs and all the ingredients are safe and without any side effects. Proper use and intake of this product helps a man to regain all his sexual dysfunctions and enjoy sexual activity to the full. It can be used for longer period of time without having any side effects. Research studies have proved that Vita-ex Gold is the best, natural and safe product to be used when any unusual sexual problem such as spermatorrhea, oligospermia, nightfall or premature ejaculation occurs. Thus, to obtain freedom from stress of any unusual sexual activity give it a try to make your sexual life happy and successful.

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