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St. Herb Breast Spray not only makes the breasts fuller, firmer and enlarged in minutes but also checks out the nutrients that the breasts tissues lack. The product contains rich amounts of Phytoestrogen that come from native herb from Thailand, the Pueraria mirifica extract. Various clinical trials and research papers reveal that Pueraria mirifica Extract that contain high isoflavones help in promoting and enhancing the women breasts within a couple of weeks. However, three to four times a week application is advised to get optimum results in addition to daily usage of St. Herb Breast Enhancing Serum and Mask.


St. Herb Breast Spray contains Liquid: 50 ml.

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Every woman in this world wants her breasts to be more attractive, fuller, firmer and bigger. This is because the firm belief among men that the breasts are the only organs that are visible and can make men arouse. There are many breast enhancing products out there in the market that help in enlarging the breasts and help them to become more beautiful and attractive.

St. Herb, the veteran in making herbal products has now come up with first of its own kind –the Eau De Cologne St. Herb Breast Spray that helps breast to beautify and also to firm without any side effects. In addition, it has marvelous fragrance that leaves your sensible organs feeling so fresh. The sweet and elegant scent can make those lovely organs more adorable and heavenly. St. Herb Breast Spray is unique Eau De Cologne that is particularly formulated for people who desire to have attractive pair of the breasts but do not find enough time to massage.

St. Herb Breast Spray can be used for…

· Sagging breasts
· Drooping breasts
· Dull breasts
· Small breasts
· Breasts that require instant assistant
· Foul smelling breasts

St. Herb Breasts Spray is ideally designed to have breast firmness and to have a redefined cleavage. Regular usage of St. Herb Breast Spray helps in rejuvenating the breasts' skin and is very useful for the women who have no enough time to take care of their breasts through massages. Together with other St. Herb Breast Products, St. Herb Breast Spray can offer you the best results and you can feel the difference within a couple of weeks of application.

Ingredients: Pueraria Mirifica and tropical herb extracts.

Direction to Use:

Using St. Herb Breast Spray is quite simple. For this, the woman has to apply the spray onto one breast equally until it is thoroughly spread, avoiding the nipple area. Once applied thoroughly, massage the spray for about 1 min or until it is totally absorbed. When done with one breast, move on to other.

The spray can be used as emergency breast cologne and also as instant breast firmness and fullness. This makes product very special for the women who want instant result in several occasions such as parties or unexpected lovemaking.

Precaution: St. Herb Breast Spray is not recommended for the women who are allergic to alcohol.

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