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St. Herb Butea superba Gel is the formula that helps rehydrating the men's genital area and hence helps nourishing the organs. The product is powered with natural flavonoids & flavonid glycosine that possess natural genital vasodilatation effects as they are found to produce Nitric Oxide, an important component that promotes sexual function sensitivity and performance. Regular usage of St. Herb Butea superba Gel helps in increasing the sexual function and erectile capacity.

Product Packing:

The tube contains 100 gm of Gel.
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Butea Superba Gel - 2 Tubes
Butea Superba Gel - 3 Tubes
Butea Superba Gel - 4 Tubes
Butea Superba Gel - 5 Tubes

As men enter in advanced stage of their lives, they start becoming very much aware of what their physique informs them, particularly in regards to sexual health. Sexual endurance is one of the things that highly get affected due to aging factors. Nevertheless, now a days, even young men suffer from lots of sex issues such as premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, loss of libido, sexual debility, shortness of penis and other problems that interact with their sexual activities.

One of the major concerns is about the shortness of the male reproductive organ, the penis. The man with short organ feels very awkward whenever there is an occasion to partially expose the organ such as while bathing openly, while swimming (wearing tight brief) and the worst when he is all set to have it off and is on the bed in front of his sexual partner. The man with not-so-large and full organ feels very awkward to undress in front of his sexual partners. This is because of the firm belief that women always sought after the men with big tool. They think that bigger the tool, deeper the penetration and that is why, the man with short organ starts finding the excuses and tries to avoid exposing his organ as much as possible.

With the revolutionary medical science technology, St. Herb has come up with St. Herb Butea superba Gel that is a one stop solution for many men sex problems including erectile dysfunction and shortness of the penis. It is a typical male enlargement formula that adds the inches to the male organ without producing any side or unwanted effects.

Ingredients used in St. Herb Butea superba Gel:

Butea Superba, and

Other tropical herbal extracts

Butea superba is a Thai herb that is known for its health benefits. The herb appears to be among the most promising male health herbs available till date. According to lots of clinical trials and research papers, Butea is believed to function as a natural genital vasodilator that improves the blood flow as it dilates the vessels and result of that, the male organ gets fuller and firmer erections for quite a longer duration.

St. Herb Butea superba Gel contains the herbal extracts those have been used traditionally in parts of Southeast Asian countries since centuries. The active ingredients present in gel help to improve the production of male sex hormones and also to nourish the penile structure. As a result of this, the organ gets bigger, longer and stronger erections that help man to keep the sexual activities more enjoyable.

Direction to use:

Apply the gel in the morning and at night. Massage it till the gel gets fully absorbed.


Stop applying the gel immediately if rashes occur; simply wash it out with plenty of plain water.

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