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When it is all about sexual pleasure, there is no compromise from your side! This is because human beings are the only living creatures that enjoy the sex up to its best possible level. Unlike animals, human beings do not randomly indulge into sexual activity but they involve in this wonderful enjoyable art and can manipulate the act in whatever the way they want.

Unfortunately, all are not blessed with sexual power and all the tools that require to live a healthy sex life. Men and women suffer from lots of sex related problems that make their sexual life miserable. Few of the men sex health problems include premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, loss of libido and most importantly the shortness of the genital organ, the penis. It is firmly believed that women prefer men with bigger, fuller and longer organ as they think that they would be penetrated deeply. Deeper the penetration, heavenly the feeling would be, and that is why, more and more men are now conscious about their penis sizes.

Product Packing:

Each Bottle of St. Herb Conmax Men Serum contains 80 ml of rich serum.

Product Information
Conmax Men Serum - 2 Tubes
Conmax Men Serum - 3 Tubes
Conmax Men Serum - 4 Tubes
Conmax Men Serum- 5 Tubes

St. Herb Conmax Men Serum is a breakthrough product that involves one solution for multiple men sex problems including short penis, erectile dysfunction and sexual debility. The men serum is made up of potential herbal extracts that are known for their natural aphrodisiac properties.

Ingredients of St. Herb Conmax Men Serum:

· Butea Superba Extract,
· Vitamin B3,
· Ginseng Extract, and
· Other tropical herbal extracts.

Mechanism of St. Herb Conmax Men Serum:

The ingredients used in St. Herb Conmax Men Serum include a native herb of Thailand called Butea Superba. The herb has been known and prescribed to treat various men sex health problems including premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, loss of libido, shortness of the organ and organ incapability to withstand the sexual stimulation for longer duration. It also includes the Ginseng, Chinese herb that is known for their powerful rejuvenating and strength providing properties. Vitamin B helps in revitalizing the penile tissues that give better and fuller erections.

Altogether, the ingredients help in nourishing the penile structure and make the muscles and other structure stronger to have great erections and also to increase the size and improve the overall appearance of the male reproductive organ.

Direction to use St. Herb Conmax Men Serum:

Apply the rich serum onto the male organ from bottom to the glans. Use gentle strokes to massage the organ unless the serum is fully absorbed. Make it sure that the serum is applied thoroughly on the penis as an equal thin film. Wash the serum after an hour or so using normal water. Do not wash the serum immediately after the application.

For the better results, health care providers suggest to use St. Herb Conmax Serum twice a day. However, to get its all results, the man has to apply it for several weeks or even months. Nevertheless, it is always better to ask/consult herbalist before applying/adopting any natural product.

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